High School Activities

Student Governement (SGA)

Carleigh Peterson |CMPterson@fcps.edu 

Laura Leydon | laleydon@fcps.edu

Club Description: 

The Student Government Association is comprised of elected and selected students who work on fundraising campaigns, awareness initiatives, and school spirit activities throughout the school year. They create and run Homecoming activities in the fall and organize spirit weeks throughout the year. Students work in committees to organize and complete their work during class each day.

Senior Class 

Meaghan Fry | MMFfry@fcps.edu

Ana Rose Tuszka | ARTuszka@fcps.edu

Junior Class

Chris Moore | CLMoore@fcps.edu

Alison Wolfe | AMWolfe@fcps.edu

Sophomore Class

Amy Durand | apdurand@fcps.edu

Scott Wilson | STwilson@fcps.edu

Freshman Class:  TBA

All Other High School Clubs

For information or meeting times contact the sponsors listed below.

American Sign Language Club

Eileen Ladino | EFLadino@fcps.edu

Above and Beyond (Yearbook)

Pat Hinman | PEHinman@fcps.edu

American Sign Language:

Eileen Ladino | EFLadino@fcps.edu

Anime Club


Art Honor Society

Asha Jones | ALJones1@fcps.edu


Andrew Loft | AELoft@fcps.edu

Business Honor Society

Anne Chapman | AAChapman@fcps.edu

Carol Wilt | CJWilt@fcps.edu

Carousel (Literary Magazine)

Crosby Mouzavires | CEMouzavires@fcps.edu

Ceramics Club (Art Club)

Michael Corigliano | MACorigliano@fcps.edu

Chinese Honor Society

Megan Linzer | MCLinzer@fcps.edu


Michael Horanski | MTHoranski@fcps.edu

Classics (Latin) Club

Elizabeth Campbell | ESCampbell@fcps.edu

Richard Saltz | RSaltz@fcps.edu

College Partnership:

Lindsey Bauer | lmbauer@fcps.edu 

Computer Science


Dance Team

Emma Lawson/ ellawson@fcps.edu


Jim Carter | JBCarter@fcps.edu

Alison Wolfe | amwolfe@fcps.edu 


George O'Brien | GLOBrien@fcps.edu


Madeline Marshall/ mvmarshall@fcps.edu

Dungeons and Dragons

Kristin Marker | KMMarker@fcps.edu

English Honor Society 


Environmental Club

Kristen Marker | kmmarker@fcps.edu 


Anne Chapman AAChapman@fcps.edu|

Carol Wilt | CJWilt@fcps.edu

French Club

Pam Dister | PJDister@fcps.edu

Monica Jugnet | mljugnet@fcps.edu 

French Honor Society

Pam Dister | PJDister@fcps.edu

Monica  Jugnet | MLJugnet@fcps.edu

Christine Schaffrath | CMSchaffrath@fcps.edu

Gardening Club

Megan Dygve | MPDygve@fcps.edu

Gay & Straight Alliance (GSA)

Elizabeth Campbell | ESCampbell@fcps.edu

German Club

Ina Laemmerzahl | IALaemmerzah@fcps.edu

Emily Massey | EMassey@fcps.edu

Carolyn Osterman-Healy | CLOstermannH@fcps.edu

German Honor Society

Ina Laemmerzahl | IALaemmerzah@fcps.edu

Emily Massey | EMassey@fcps.edu

Carolyn Osterman-Healy | CLOstermannH@fcps.edu

Good Morning Robinson

Ryan Good | RJGood@fcps.edu


Scott Seifried | SASeifried@fcps.edu

Indoor Color Guard

Sara Stevens

Desiree Denton

It's Academic

Mike Campana | MPCampana@fcps.edu 

Chris Bird | CWBird@fcps.edu

Jazz Band

Andrew Loft | AELoft@fcps.edu


Cindy Gagnon | CMGagnon@fcps.edu

Latin American Student Assoc | 

Ruth Azimi | RMAzimi@fcps.edu

Michelle Hanus | MMHanus@fcps.edu

Latin Honor Society

Elizabeth Campbell | ESCampbell@fcps.edu

Math Honor Society

Mark Koeppen | MFKoeppen@fcps.edu

Medical Society (Bio club)

Eric Misencik |  ESMisencik@fcps.edu

Minority Students of Robinson

Tracey Phillips | TLPhillips1@fcps.edu

Mock Trial

Peter Brown | PHBrown@fcps.edu

Model United Nations

Patrick McGuire | PHMcguire2@fcps.edu

Muslim Student Association

John Sherry | JBSherry@fcps.edu

National Honor Society

Chris Bird | CWBird@fcps.edu

Marching Band

Andrew Loft | AELoft@fcps.edu

Operation Rise\

James Nickle | JENickle@fcps.edu


Anne Rupert |  AMRupert@fcps.edu

Partners Club

Jennifer Kruzynski/ jnkruzynski@fcps.edu

Readers Club (Book Club)

Kim Reakes Smith/ KLReakesSmit@fcps.edu

Rise Against Hunger

Mary Bowersox/ MTBowersox@fcps.edu

Robinson Christian Fellowship

Jim Carter | JBCarter@fcps.edu

Rocketry Club

Jessica Csomay | JBCsomay@fcps.edu

Science Honor Society

Eric Misencik/ esmisencik@fcps.edu

Science Olympiad

Juliana Stroup | JSTroup@fcps.edu

Spanish Honor Society

Ana Gonzalez/ AKGonzalez@fcps.edu

Carlotta Urban/ CCUrban@fcps.edu

Tri M Music Honor Society

Francesca Fitzgerald | FTFitzgerald@fcps.edu

Valor Dictus

Chris Moore | CLMoore@fcps.edu

Video Game Club

JonSkocik/ jgskocik@fcps.edu

Writing Center


Young Conservatives

Jim Carter | JBCarter@fcps.edu

Young Democrats

Kristen Marker/ kmmarker@fcps.edu


Roison Burford/ RMBurford@fcps.edu