High School Activities

Student Governement (SGA)

Carleigh Peterson |@email 

Laura Leydon | laleydon@fcps.edu

Club Description: 

The Student Government Association is comprised of elected and selected students who work on fundraising campaigns, awareness initiatives, and school spirit activities throughout the school year. They create and run Homecoming activities in the fall and organize spirit weeks throughout the year. Students work in committees to organize and complete their work during class each day.

Senior Class 

Chris Moore | CLMoore@fcps.edu

Alison Wolfe | AMWolfe@fcps.edu

Junior Class

Amy Durand | apdurand@fcps.edu

Scott Wilson | STwilson@fcps.edu

Sophomore Class

Shelby Whitwell | smwhitwell@fcps.edu

Binh Tran | bttran5@fcps.edu

Tess Layer | tclayer@fcps.edu

Freshman Class

All Other High School Clubs

For information or meeting times contact the sponsors listed below.

American Sign Language Club

Eileen Ladino | @email

Above and Beyond (Yearbook)

Adrienne Forte | AMForte@fcps.edu

American Sign Language:

Eileen Ladino | EFLadino@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The ASL Club is a place to gather and learn some American Sign Langauge, a bit about Deaf culture and a place to make new friends with the same interest.

Anime Club

Meaghan Fry | MMFfry@fcps.edu

Art Honor Society

Asha Jones | ALJones1@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The National Art Honor Society is a high school honor society for visual arts students in grades 9-12. The goal of NAHS is to inspire and recognize students with ability and interest in the visual arts, and to promote art in the school and community.

Asian Student Union

Lindsey Perdue | leperdue@fcps.edu


Andrew Loft | AELoft@fcps.edu

Board Game Club


Doug Gross | DAGross@fcps.edu

Business Honor Society

Anne Chapman | AAChapman@fcps.edu

Carol Wilt | @email

Carousel (Literary Magazine)

Crosby Mouzavires | CEMouzavires@fcps.edu

Club Description:

This year long club is a group of individuals who love creative writing, either reading it or writing it, and art. Our primary responsibility is to encourage high school students to submit their creative writing, art, and music, and we decide which pieces should be published in the literary magazine that is published in the spring.

Ceramics Club (Art Club)

Michael Corigliano | @email

Club Description:

Ceramics Club, $20 supply fee, advanced students provide instruction and you do not have to be currently taking ceramics to be a member. It will meet every other week.

Chinese Honor Society

Megan Linzer | MCLinzer@fcps.edu


Michael Horanski | @email

Classics (Latin) Club

Elizabeth Campbell | @email

Richard Saltz | RSaltz@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The Classics Club explores the cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Activities include (but are not limited to): make your own toga, toga bowling, Greek dancing, cultural re-enactments, watching movies inspired by the classical world, and visits to museums or the theater. The Club is open to all students.

College Partnership:

Lindsey Bauer | @email 

Club Description:

The College Partnership Program (CPP) aims to prepare high school students for college through college and career exploration. During our school-based meetings, the students learn how to: select appropriate high school courses, create a resume, find scholarships, search for colleges, and much more. As a member of the CPP, students have access to scholarship opportunities, job shadowing experiences, financial aid workshops, campus tours, and so much more.

Dance Team

Emma Lawson | @email


Jim Carter | @email

Alison Wolfe | @email 

Club Description:

Robinson’s Speech and Debate Team is an academic, competitive public speaking team of high school students that compete in a variety of events from legislative debate to reading children stories. Even though our team actively participates in regular tournaments, our main goal as a team is to help students improve their speaking and critical-thinking abilities through interactive presentations and activities.


George O'Brien | @email

Club Description:

An Association of Marketing Students - prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in Marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Membership in the organization affords Students opportunities for internships, career experience field trips, competition, and community service projects.


Madeline Marshall | mvmarshall@fcps.edu

Club Description:

  The DRAMA CLUB meets daily during productions, and includes all those working on stage or behind the scenes on our after school theatre productions. There are no requirements (except auditions for actors), and activities include acting, lighting, sound, publicity, costumes, makeup, etc. www.RobinsonDrama.org

Dungeons and Dragons

Austing Walter | awwalter@fcps.edu

English Honor Society 

Lisa Mosteller | LBMosteller@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The National English Honor Society promotes literature through a multitude of activities. We read as a group the annual assigned Common Reader, which this year is The Tortilla Curtain, and then meet in the Fall to discuss the work. Our social activities include Poetry Readings/Slams, and one of our services is that we provide free tutoring during Raise to students on written assignments.

Environmental Club

Kristen Marker | kmmarker@fcps.edu 


Anne Chapman | AAChapman@fcps.edu|

Carol Wilt | @email

Club Description:

FBLA develops aggressive business leadership and prepares students for business careers.

French Club

Pam Dister | PJDister@fcps.edu

Monica Jugnet | mljugnet@fcps.edu 

Club Description:

French club is open to all French students. We explore Francophone culture through food, music, games and other activities.

French Honor Society

Pam Dister | PJDister@fcps.edu

Monica  Jugnet | MLJugnet@fcps.edu

Christine Schaffrath | CMSchaffrath@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The mission of the honor society is to spread the knowledge of the French language and the French culture.

Gardening Club

Megan Dygve | @email

Gay & Straight Alliance (GSA)

Elizabeth Campbell | @email

Club Description:

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a club that provides a place for everyone to be themselves and make new friends. Learn about issues affecting the LGBTQ community and work together to make a difference.

German Club

Ina Laemmerzahl | IALaemmerzah@fcps.edu

Emily Massey | @email

Carolyn Osterman-Healy | @email

Club Description:

A club open to any student interested in learning more about German cultural events. We have yearly events, like Oktoberfest, a Gingerbread House making contest, etc.

German Honor Society

Ina Laemmerzahl | IALaemmerzah@fcps.edu

Emily Massey | @email

Carolyn Osterman-Healy | @email

Club Description:

Robinson’s German Honor Society is a chapter of a national honor society for upper level students of German who meet the qualifications. We plan events and members do service hours for the German department.

Girl Up

Haley Crissman | hacrissman@fcps.edu

Good Morning Robinson

Ryan Good | RJGood@fcps.edu

Course Description:

Good Morning Robinson is the morning news program created by student journalists enrolled in the broadcast journalism class. Students work with groups throughout the school to plan the show, write scripts for anchors, create videos, and edit video into a polished broadcast. Students use professional video, audio and editing equipment.


Scott Seifried | SASeifried@fcps.edu

History Club

Duane Edwards | ddedwards@fcps.edu

Indoor Color Guard

Sara Stevens

Desiree Denton

It's Academic

Mike Campana | MPCampana@fcps.edu 

Chris Bird | CWBird@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Quizbowl is a game in which two teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of academic and general knowledge. The Robinson “It’s Academic” Quizbowl Team is a fun, competitive, academic, interscholastic activity for which players attend regular practices and then represent the school at a variety of tournaments which may be local, regional, or national in scope.

Jazz Band

Andrew Loft | AELoft@fcps.edu

Jewish Culture Club

Carrie Garvey | @emailCKGarvey@fcps.edu


Cindy Gagnon | CMGagnon@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International.

Latin American Student Assoc | 

Ruth Azimi | RMAzimi@fcps.edu

Michelle Hanus | MMHanus@fcps.edu

Latin Honor Society

Elizabeth Campbell | @email

Club Description:

This club tutors lower level students, provides community services and assists in preparation for large scale events.

Math Honor Society

Mark Koeppen | MFKoeppen@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Math Honor Society is a service organization that serves the Robinson Community. Members must be in a math course higher than Algebra 2, have a GPA of 3.65 in their math classes and 3.25 overall GPA. Members must perform 8 hours of service such as tutoring each year.

Medical Society (Bio club)

Eric Misencik |  ESMisencik@fcps.edu

Minority Students of Robinson

Jennifer McCluney | jhmccluney@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Minority Students of Robinson organization exists to engage students from diverse groups in activities about educational scholarships, ways to participate in community service and how to network during social occasions. MSR activities include: Winter Holiday Social, The Black History Month Knowledge Bowl, hosting a Talent Hunt, weekly Pizza Sales and Scholarship Awards.

Mock Trial

Peter Brown | PHBrown@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The Mock Trial Club is for those interested in learning about trial procedures in a criminal court.

Model United Nations

Patrick McGuire | PHMcguire2@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations system. Students assume the roles of ambassadors to the United Nations and debate current global issues. Participants seek ways, through diplomacy and negotiation, in which the world community can deal with complex global concerns such as the environment, economic development, refugees, aids, conflict resolution, disarmament and human rights.

National Honor Society

Lisa Mosteller | @email

Club Description:

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that recognizes outstanding achievement in Scholarship, Leadership, and Community Service. Qualified students may join after their freshman year with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. NHS requirements include participation in quarterly community service projects, maintaining academic excellence and integrity, and serving in leadership roles within and outside the school community.

Marching Band

Andrew Loft | AELoft@fcps.edu

Operation Rise



Anne Rupert |  @email

Club Description:

Orchestra is a co-curricular class meeting as part of the scheduled day, presenting performances in the evenings and occasionally on the weekend. Instruction on string instruments (violin, viola, cello, string bass) is offered at every level from beginning to college prep. Placement auditions are heard annually in the spring, but new members are welcome at all times. Travel opportunities are part of this experience!

Partners Club

Jennifer Kruzynski | jnkruzynski@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Partners Club enables students with and without special needs to dismantle social barriers by providing a fun and safe environment for afterschool social activities. This student run club holds monthly meetings, dances, movie nights, etc.

Rams 4 Life

Carlotta Urban | CCUrban@fcps.edu

Readers Club (Book Club)

Kim Reakes Smith/ KLReakesSmit@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The HS Reader’s Club meets on the first Thursday of every month after school in the Media Center. This club is for students who love to read and discuss books and like to meet other students with the same interests.

Rho Kappa

Barb Caley | bacaley@fcps.edu

Rise Against Hunger

Mary Bowersox | MTBowersox@fcps.edu

Robinson Black Student Union

Sonya Smith | spsmith@fcps.edu

Robinson Christian Fellowship

Jim Carter | @email

Club Description:

Provide a welcoming, non-threatening environment for students to meet and explore/grow in their Christian faith. Some activities include: Dunkin Devotionals, after school meetings; service projects for school and community; and leadership meetings after school.

Rocketry Club

Collin Schumpp / cschumpp@fcps.edu

Barrett Airaghi / BAAiraghi@fcps.edu

Science Honor Society

Eric Misencik | esmisencik@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Members participate in science service and learning activities to recognize & promote science throughout the school & civic communities. Juniors & seniors only. Overall GPA 3.0 Science GPA 3.0.

Science Olympiad

Juliana Stroup | JSTroup@fcps.edu

Club Description:

The Robinson Science Olympiad Team is an academic team which focuses on competing in 23 different science, design and engineering events. Each student typically prepares to compete in three or four events. All students are welcome to participate at the regional level, but only select will compete at the state level.

Spanish Honor Society

Ana Gonzalez |  AKGonzalez@fcps.edu

Carlotta Urban | CCUrban@fcps.edu

Club Description

This society is open to students that have completed up to level III Spanish classes. Also they need a 3.5 GPA in Spanish and 3.0 overall. They need to complete 10 hours of community service that usually provides tutoring for students enrolled in Spanish classes.We have about 8 meetings during the year to learn about the cultures and traditions of Latin America and Spain.

Tri M Music Honor Society

Francesca Fitzgerald | FTFitzgerald@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Music Honor society dedicated to service and support of the music programs at Robinson HS/MS and our feeder elementary schools. Juniors and Seniors only. Overall GPA 3.0, Music GPA 3.5.

Valor Dictus

Chris Moore | CLMoore@fcps.edu

Club Description:

Students in this club are involved in all levels of production of the student-run newspaper, Valor Dictus. Students get the opportunity to learn and practice photography, graphic design, writing, editing, ad sales and can travel to a national conference each year

VA STAR: Computer Engineering and Refurbishing

Karen Miller| @email

Barbara Brand | @email

Anthony Portare | @email

Club Description

VA Star is a computer refurbishing club open to both high school and middle school students.  In Robinson’s VA Star program, nearly 20 refurbished computers were donated to needy families in our local area in our inaugural year, 2017-18.  VA Star exists in multiple schools across the commonwealth of Virginia. Club members refurbish computers donated from corporations to the non-profit organization VAStar.  Find out more information about the work done in VA Star at their website

Video Game Club

JonSkocik | jgskocik@fcps.edu

Video Game Club is a great club for all high school students to go to. No matter what your level of gaming experience is, you will be welcomed into this club. Play video games provided by fellow students and learn about a new featured game every week through a presentation!  Meets in A101.

Young Asian Leaders of America

George O'Brien | GLOBrien@fcps.edu

Young Conservatives

Jim Carter | @email

Young Democrats

Duane Edwards | ddedwards@fcps.edu


Roison Burford | RMBurford@fcps.edu