Schoolwide Syllabus Policies

Gradebook Information

A rolling (cumulative) gradebook will be utilized which allows for progress towards a final mark that captures the total picture of student grades, regardless of length of quarter or number of assignments in each quarter. A rolling gradebook allows for flexibility and equitable grading practices for all students during the 2023-24SY.  More information about the rolling gradebook can be found here.

  • Cumulative - Grades from each quarter carry over and build upon the previous quarter
  • Quarter grades are a snapshot of a student’s current progress in the course and demonstrate performance to that date, not  just the quarter.
  • Final grades are determined by a combination of all assignments and assessments throughout the year, regardless of the quarter the work was completed.

Students should experience frequent feedback throughout each quarter. Teachers are required to record a minimum of 9 grades over the course of each quarter.  Homework and classwork that are not for grading may be entered as CA or NE, to indicate completion, and will not directly impact the student’s grade. 

FCPS uses the online Schoology (pronounced skool-ogy) learning management system to engage and support meaningful  learning opportunities for all students.  In Schoology, if a teacher assigns tasks to be completed it will also show up in the Schoology gradebook.  The Schoology gradebook IS NOT the gradebook of record.  The Schoology gradebook is a great place for students and families to find feedback on assignments.  The SIS gradebook (StudentVUE and ParentVUE) is the gradebook of record for that course.

Since parents and students can log into their accounts to view grades entered into the gradebook at any time, teachers are not required to email progress reports.  FCPS can email weekly progress reports if parents/guardians choose to opt-in for this feature in ParentVUE.  Click to Opt In  (Progress reports are not sent when the Grading Window is closed by the county)

Grading Scale

A (93-100) B- (80-82) D+ (67-69)
A- (90-92) C+ (77-79) D (64-66)
B+ (87-89) C (73-76) F (50-63)
B (83-86) C- (70-72)  


SIS Comment Codes (in ParentVUE and StudentVUE)

LA - Late - Student handed in the assignment late.

AB - Absent - Student was not in class, and missing work must be completed according to class syllabus. This comment carries the score of “50%.”  This comment is removed when scored.

MI - Missing/Not Handed In - Student has not yet turned in the assignment. This comment carries the score of “0.” This comment is removed when scored.

NYG - Not Yet Graded - Student has turned in the assignment, but the assignment has not yet been graded. This comment is removed when scored.

EXC - Excused - Student has been excused from doing this assignment.

RA - Reassessed - Student has retaken the assignment.  

CA - Complete Assignment - Student has completed an assignment that is not calculated in the student’s grade for the course; ONLY for “Not for Grading” assignments.

NE - No Evidence - Student has not completed OR has not shown sufficient evidence of mastery; it does not calculate in the student’s grade; ONLY for “Not for Grading” assignments

Enrichment Activities

At Robinson Secondary, students will no longer be afforded the opportunity to earn extra credit for tasks that are not related to the curriculum.  We will allow students to participate in Enrichment Activities.  Enrichment activities are for students who have completed an activity during the course of study that is beyond the required work in the classroom in order to further his or her understanding of a concept. It is counted as a separate grade and ties to a skill in that content area.  Students will not be given extra points or grades for activities such as bringing in classroom materials, providing parent signatures, participating in fundraising/charitable events or participating in non-curricular activities.  If a student does poorly on the optional Enrichment Activity, no grade will be entered.

Late Work Policy

We expect that all students complete 100% of their work 100% of the time.  As a result, teachers expect students to complete and turn in assignments even when late.  Students have up to 10 school days to turn in late work unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher. 

  • If a student does not turn in an assignment, a placeholder (such as Mi for missing) will be entered into the gradebook.  
  • Assignments turned in late may incur a maximum of 10% grade reduction from the grade earned.

Make Up Work Policy

Students have up to 10 school days to turn in make-up work or make up an assessment from an excused absence.

Academic Honesty

As members of a democratic society as well as an International Baccalaureate World School, we embrace the need to teach personal and social responsibility.  Becoming a principled individual involves developing a sense of fairness, justice and respect towards oneself and one’s community, and the school plays a vital role in creating opportunities within the curriculum to address the need for academic honesty and the link between one’s integrity and submitting one’s own, authentic work.  To that end, we expect students to complete all assessments responsibly and with integrity.

Review the Academic Honesty Policy at Robinson by going to the Academic Honesty Page on our website.

MYP – International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP)

Here at Robinson, we are an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program School (IB MYP).  The IB MYP program is for ALL students in grades 7-10.  The IB MYP is a framework for how instruction is delivered, not a specific curriculum. Teachers use inquiry, critical thinking, and global context to encourage students to take ownership of their learning.  Students engage in different Approaches to Learning (ATL skills) and reflect on the skills taught throughout the year.