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Tracey Phillips | | 703-426-2100

Director of High School Student Services

Travis Hess | @email

Senior Class Principal

Scot Turner | @email

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School and Community

Robinson Secondary School is a comprehensive 7th-12th grade secondary school located in Fairfax County, Virginia, a residential suburb of Washington, D.C. Robinson strives to prepare students to successfully meet the many challenges of a global society.

Robinson’s Class of 2018 has 3 National Merit Finalists and 26 Commended scholars.

Current School Enrollment

Senior Class: 639

Grades 7-12: 3745

Post-Secondary Plans Class of 2017

4 Year College: 71.4%

2 Year College: 18.9%

Class Rank

 In accordance with Fairfax County Public Schools policy, Robinson Secondary School does not compute or estimate class rank.

Demographic: Asian 14%, Black 6%, Hispanic/Latino 15%, White 58%, American Indian/Alaskan 0.3%, Native Hawaiian 0.1%, Other 7%; Free/Reduced Lunch: 12%; English Learners 3%

International Baccalaureate & Advanced Placement

International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses are indicated by the designation (IB or AP) preceding the course title on the transcript.

RSS offers the following International Baccalaureate courses as both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) options, unless otherwise noted: Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Design & Technology (SL only), Economics, English Literature, Environmental Systems (SL only), Film Studies, French, Geography (SL only), German, History of the Americas (HL only): World Topics (HL only), Language & Literature, Latin, Math Analysis, Math Applications, Philosophy (SL only), Physics, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Spanish, Theatre Arts, Theory of Knowledge, Visual Arts, World Religions (SL only)

RSS offers the following Advanced Placement courses: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Comparative Government & Politics, United States History.

IB Theory of Knowledge IB English Literature I  AP Comparative Government  
AP Calculus AB                                                                                               IB English Literature II (SL/HL)     IB Economics SL
AP Calculus BC   IB English Language and Literature I IB Geography SL    
IB Computer Science SL  IB English Language and Literature II (SL/HL)         IB History of the Americas
IB Math Analysis and Approaches I IB Biology SL   IB History HL: World Topics
IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL II IB Biology HL I    AP U.S. History
IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL II IB Biology HL II  IB Social Anthropology SL
IB Math Applications and Interpretations I  IB Chemistry SL II  IB Philosophy
IB Math Applications and Interpretations SL II IB Chemistry HL II IB World Religions SL
IB Math Applications and Interpretations HL II IB Physics SL II   
AP Statistics IB Physics HL II   IB Film Studies I
    IB Environmental Systems SL  IB Film Studies II SL/HL
IB Visual Arts SL I and II      
IB Visual Arts HL I and II IB Design Technology SL IB French I – IB French HL/SL II
    IB German I – IB German HL/SL II
IB Theatre Arts I  IB Business Mgmt SL/HL IB Spanish I – IB Spanish HL/SL II
IB Theatre Arts 2 HL IB Psychology SL/HL   IB Latin I – IB Latin HL/SL II

IB Coordinators

Holly Cho | @email

Wendy Vu | @email

SAT Mean Scores Class of 2017

  EB Read & Writing Mathematics
Robinson 598 597
Virginia 567 551


ACT Mean Scores Class of 2017

  English Mathematics Reading Science
Robinson 25.4 25.4 26.2 24.8
Virginia 23.8 23.3 24.8 23.6