Robinson's Renaissance

Robinson's Renaissance Program

is designed to promote a positive school culture. Some examples of the improvements made to the Robinson School Climate through the Renaissance Program are listed below.

Pause Before You Post

is intended to encourage smart decisions with regard to personal online publishing and, specifically, social media.  Some examples of remiders student see are:

robinson-air-dancersWho will be able to see what I post?

Will anyone be embarrassed or hurt by my post?


Robinson's Air Dancers

are used throughout the school year to promote events.  We even saw them waving on the first day of school.  You may see them at a big football game, at a dance or at an assembly in the field house.

Recognition of Support Staff 

cafeteria-sign-recognizing hard-working-staffOur Cafeteria Staff was recognized for keeping our students well fed.


The Harbor

The Harbor is a series of character education/problem solving lessons that students periodically participate in throughout the school year.  Students are guided through some critical thinking activities based on scenarios they may experience.