Procedures and policies regarding student attendance

When your student is absent call (703)426-6040, then select the appropriate number for your student's sub-school.

Provide the following information:

  • Student's name - Please spell the last name
  • Reason for absence or tardy
  • If your child is sick, please describe the symptoms and when they started
  • Your name
  • Your relationship to the student
  • Your contact phone number where you can be reached

Attendance Lines - Call the number above and press:

  • 1 for Grade 7
  • 2 for Grade 8
  • 3 for Grade 9
  • 4 for Grade 10
  • 5 for Grade 11
  • 6 for Grade 12

Pre-Arranged Absences

Please complete this form prior to any pre-arranged absences. The pre-arranged absence form must be signed by each of the student's teachers and approved by the subschool principal prior to the absence, in order for the absence to be excused. The completed form must be turned in to the subschool administrative assistant prior to the absence. A copy will be given to the student.   Please note that extended absences are discouraged, and prearranged absences will be reviewed carefully before approval. An excused absence or a prearranged absence permits you to make up missed work.  You must assume complete responsibility for making up any work missed.