Procedures and policies regarding student attendance

Please review the information below to learn about Robinson Secondary and FCPS attendance policies and procedures.

Please note: School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. Students are expected to attend every class or activity for which they are scheduled each school day. FCPS requires that a call be received within 72 hours of an absence from a parent or guardian. No notification will result in an unexcused absence.

When your student is absent, call (703) 426-6040 on the morning of the absence, then select the appropriate number for your student's sub-school. 

Attendance Lines - Call the number above and press:

  • 1 for Grade 7
  • 2 for Grade 8
  • 3 for Grade 9
  • 4 for Grade 10
  • 5 for Grade 11
  • 6 for Grade 12

Provide the following information: 

  • Student's name - Please spell the last name
  • Reason for absence or tardy
  • If your child is sick, please describe the symptoms and when they started
  • Your name
  • Your relationship to the student
  • Your contact phone number where you can be reached

Prearranged Absence  

Pre-arranged absence forms must be used for absences more than 2 consecutive days. Reasons can include religious holidays, out of town visits, college visits, family events/celebrations/promotions; civic engagement activity, court appearances; or any reason other than illness or medical appointments. Parents are encouraged to minimize absences during school hours, and to plan family trips and vacations during school holidays.

Pre-Arranged Absence Reminders:
  • Requests for prearranged absences do not receive automatic approval. 
  • In the event of denial, parent(s) will receive an email notification from the Subschool AA.
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s), please continue to use the Pre-Arranged Absence Form to inform teachers/admin about your child’s absences. Consistent adherence to this process aids in effective communication with the attendance team, regardless of the outcome of the absence request.
Please take the following steps to request that the absences be excused:
  1. Complete the Pre Arranged Absence Form (also available in the subschool).
  2. Then, the student collects signature(s) from every teacher whose class will be missed.
  3. Parent signs form to confirm awareness of teacher signatures, comments, etc. 
  4. The student then returns the completed form to the subschool administrative assistant (AA) at least two days prior to the absence
  5. The grade level administrator (AP) approves or denies the form. If approved, the AA enters the attendance in SIS. If denied, the AA sends the parent/guardian an email notification.
  6. If a student fails to follow this procedure, the absence(s) will be recorded as unexcused.

Students are expected to make up any missed work and also expected that all students will finish the school year and take final exams as scheduled. Pre-arranged absence forms are not to be used to reschedule final exams. 

Arriving to School Late

Students arriving late to school AFTER 8:10 am are to check in at their subschool first, before going anywhere, even if they arrive during lunch or in between periods. Students who fail to check in will not have their absence excused. 

Students must check out at the subschool office when leaving school as well as check back into the subschool upon return. Students who leave school without checking out properly will be marked unexcused and may face disciplinary action (if returning to school, students are also subject to search). Students must contact all teachers of any class to be missed.

When Should I Send My Child To School? 

View the FCPS guidelines.

Tardy to class

Being on time to school, class, work and appointments is a valuable life skill.  At Robinson Secondary School, we ask that every student arrive at school and each of their classes on time. Students who arrive late to class will be marked unexcused tardy unless they have an excused pass from the subschool, Main Office, counselor, or administrator. Parents will be notified via automated phone call and email if their student is late to class. When you receive these messages, please encourage your student to be on time to every class.

Leaving School Early

All Fairfax County Public Schools have closed campuses, meaning that students are not to leave school grounds during the day without permission. 

Students leaving during school hours are to follow these check-out procedures:

Students who need to leave school during the school day should check-out with the subschool or clinic. Parents are encouraged to provide advance notice for early check-outs by calling the attendance line. Written documentation or a phone call about the early check-out needs to be provided.

Students can pick-up passes from their subschool in the morning. Students should return to the subschool to sign-out before leaving the building. Parents can pick-up their children outside of Door 1. 

Excessive Absences

FCPS Regulation 2234 states that “the principal or his or her designee may require a physician’s note in cases of chronic or long-term illness.” Five (5) consecutive and/or twelve (12) cumulative absences are considered “excessive.” A doctor’s note/official documentation may be required to excuse any future absences. Any future absences without proper documentation will become unexcused. This includes check-outs from the clinic.

Check-Out for Early Dismissal Due to Illness

Students are to report to the clinic with a pass from their teacher if they are ill during the school day. If the student needs to check-out due to illness, the clinic aide will contact the parents for permission.  If the parents/guardians are unavailable, the emergency contacts designated on the emergency care card will be contacted. Only parents/guardians and the emergency contacts may pick up students or authorize clinic staff to release students.

Notification of Absences

County automated attendance calls are made twice each school day. If a student is reported as “not in attendance” to their first class of the day and a phone call has not been received by the school concerning the student not being in school, then the parent will receive an automated phone call that morning. If a student is reported as “absent” for the school day and no call concerning the student’s attendance has been received, then the parent will receive an automated phone call and/or email concerning the absence in the evening of the missed day. Please contact the student’s subschool if you believe the call was made in error. All unverified absences will be marked as unexcused if a phone call is not received within 72 hours.

Procedures for When Parents are Out of Town

  • Whenever a parent or guardian is out of town or otherwise unavailable for the school to contact (due to travel, etc.); the parent/guardian must inform the subschool in advance of the name, address, phone numbers (home & work) of the adult in charge of the child during the parent’s absence, who is authorized to excuse absences occurring during this period of time.
  • Please ensure the adult in charge of the child during the parent’s absence is listed on the child’s emergency contact form.
Attendance Reminders
  • Absences due to family trips or vacations are considered unexcused absences unless they are due to family emergencies or observations of religious holidays. Parents/guardians are advised to schedule such trips during school holidays
Main Attendance Codes
EXCExcusedGuardians must call or email the attendance line to provide an excused reason why their student will not be in school.
UNXUnexcused Absence 
UNLUnexcused Local Absence

This code is for absences where the student’s whereabouts are known or supported by the guardians, but administration or local policy still deem the absence as unexcused

UNL Examples:

  • Missed the bus
  • Did not want to come to school today
  • Absences where there are no extenuating circumstances or hardship
  • Failure to provide explanation for an absence or requested documentation
  • Students being released for non-school related activities
  • Prearranged absences without prior notification or without justification and prior approval
  • Sibling childcare provided by older students
  • Mental health day
  • Failure to provide an appropriate explanation for the absence or requested documentation, such as a physician’s letter
  • “Skip Day”
UNVUnverifiedStudent never shows up to class
CUTCutStudent was in class, left, and never returned
EXTExcused TardyStudent is late and has an excused pass
UNTUnexcused TardyStudent is late and has an unexcused pass
PREPre-arranged AbsencePre-arranged absence form has been submitted and approved by the grade level administrator