MS Service Learning

Requirements for all 8th Grade Students

For 8th grade Civics, students are required to complete 15 community service volunteer hours between July 1st of the current school year through the end of the third quarter of that same school year.  These service hours can be completed through a service organization at Robinson, in your neighborhood, in your community, or a neighboring community.  In your Civics class, you will complete a graded service learning reflection during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters.  These assignments will be based on your service learning experiences as well as the lessons learned by completing your required service hours.


icon-volunteerContacts for Civics Requirements

Olivia O'Brien | Hokies | @email

Bill Tucker | Dukes | @email

Mark Southworth | Spiders | @email

Jeff Burns | Panthers | @email

Joe Patton | Spiders | @email


Requirements for National Junior Honor Society

NJHS is an invitation only organization in which candidates must complete 20 service hours between the first day of school and the February service meeting as one of the requirements for induction.  For eligibility and other requirements, please contact the co-sponsors.


Contacts for National Junior Honor Society

Olivia O'Brien | NJHS Co-Sponsor | @email

Nathan Herendeen | NJHS Co-Sponsor | @email