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Vision Statementram-core-values

  • Robinson Secondary School is committed to building an environment where academic, social, and ethical growth is expected and where students share in and accept the responsibility for their learning.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Robinson Secondary School is to create a culture of confidence in which all students are empowered with the academic, social and ethical knowledge and skills to be well-rounded citizens ready for life beyond high school.

Instructional Focus

  • At Robinson, we are committed to building an environment where academic, social, and ethical growth is expected. We believe all students can learn and will work towards the development of becoming young adults who embrace our Ram Values and develop FCPS Portrait of a Graduate attributes and IB Learner Profile traits.  This is our full Instructional Focus document.

Robinson Honor

  • As members of Robinson Secondary School, we value honesty, integrity, and respect for self and others. I acceptCommon Sense Media School Award responsibility to uphold these values to preserve my honor and the honor of the Robinson Community.

Core Values

  • Students at Robinson Secondary School practice and participate in learning about our Ram Values. Our Ram Values are:


  • Resilience allows us to deal with the stress of everyday life and achieve our goals.
    • Completing difficult tasks or problems
    • Seeking help and trying again
    • Not buying into “can’t”
    • Refusing to give up and acting with grit
    • Allowing failure and learning from it
    • The ability to see beyond today and have hope for tomorrow


  • Empathy allows people to understand each other, act with compassion, and show others that you care.
    • Offering a kind word to someone who is struggling
    • Making an effort to better understand others
    • Choosing a partner you don’t know well for a classroom activity *Understanding and respecting that we are not all the same


  • Integrity (your principles and actions) earns the respect of others, outweighs your achievements, and most importantly, breeds self-respect.
    • Refusing to help a friend do something dishonest
    • Citing your sources accurately and completely
    • Telling the truth even when it’s difficult
    • Holding yourself to a higher standard
    • Doing what is right, even if nobody is watching
    • Showing and giving respect


  • Accountability breeds trust among our classmates, families, teachers, and communities. With trust comes greater freedom.
    • *Admitting when you have not completed a task and making a plan for completing it
      *Keeping a calendar and setting reminders
      *Being responsible for your actions and holding others responsible for theirs
      *Expecting rules to be consistently enforced


  • Innovation allows us to respond creatively to the ever changing demands of our world, our school, and our lives.
    • Embracing the challenge of tasks or questions with no clear answer
    • Looking for problems that no one is yet trying to fix and proposing a solution
    • Figuring out how to think globally and act locally
    • Pioneering great ideas
    • Taking calculated risks
    • Engaging in the continuous process of discovery

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