High School Testing

HS Non-Writing and Writing SOL Testing

HS Non-Writing and Writing SOL Testing

Across Virginia, high school students take Standards of Learning (SOL) End-of-Course (EOC) tests.  View list of Verified Credit Requirements.

There are 2 writing testing windows: Fall (October 16-20) and Spring (March 4-20).

There are 3 non-writing testing windows: Summer (September 6-15), Fall (December 4-15), and Spring (April 22 - May 17).

The Spring Non-Writing SOL window is the largest. All SOL tests are taken in-person at school.  Our staff will schedule specific SOL testing dates for your student.

For the Spring 2024 Non-Writing SOL window, most students will test on April 29 (Reading SOLs), May 9 (Science SOLs) and May 14 (Math SOLs). There will be a modified bell schedule on those days. -->

  • State law requires students to verify credit for high school courses to fulfill graduation requirements for a standard or advanced studies diploma. For additional information regarding graduation requirements see the Graduation Requirements and Course Planning webpage (https://www.fcps.edu/academics/graduation-requirements-and-course-planning). SOL tests are the most common way students earn the verified credits they need. SOL tests are designed to measure what students have learned of the content and skills detailed in the Virginia Standards of Learning. 
  • Additionally, federal law requires schools to offer students one SOL test in reading, mathematics, and science while they are in grades 9-12. The tests provide information about student achievement to the parent, school, school division, and state.
  • Scores are available for families in ParentVUE no later than the start of the next school year. 
  • Students are reminded that they should be regularly restarting their FCPSOn laptops at school while connected to the network to make sure their devices are updated and ready for testing. Please take your device to the Tech Office (E108) if you are having difficulty. A testing device will be provided only for students whose families have opted them out of the FCPSOn program.

Testing Schedule


SOL Practice Links

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Writing Prompts

Released SOL Tests

Test Taking Tips

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If you have questions about SOL testing contact the Assessment Coach, Gina Lee.  Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

WorkKeys® assessments

WorkKeys® assessments

The Virginia Department of Education has approved ACT WorkKeys® assessments as substitutes for certain graduation requirements. WorkKeys assessments are especially commonly used as a substitute for the Writing SOL, as the assessment is shorter and more focused, and there are more testing opportunities during the school year.

  • The Business Writing test may be used as a substitute for the Standards of Learning (SOL) End-of-Course (EOC) English: Writing Test. (Score of 3 or higher is required.)
  • The Workplace Documents test may be used as a substitute for the SOL EOC English: Reading Test. (Score of 4 or higher is required.)
  • The Workplace DocumentsApplied Math, and Graphic Literacy tests can be used to earn the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), which fulfills the industry credential requirement for students who entered ninth grade for the first time prior to 2018-2019 and are scheduled to graduate by June 2022 with a standard diploma. (Score of 3 or higher on each test is required.)

Robinson will offer the ACT WorkKeys Business Writing assessment to all students that need a verified credit for English Writing. This standardized, timed test is approved by VDOE to fulfill the writing verified credit requirement and consists of a single business-related writing prompt administered online, in-person at school. Contact the school for more information or visit: https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/workkeys-for-employers/assessments/business-writing.html

If you have questions about WorkKeys or SOL testing contact the Assessment Coach, Gina Lee.  Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

IB Diploma and Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Academics Testing Schedule Spring 2024

May 2024 IB and AP Exam Schedule
DateTimeExamExam Location
Thursday, April 2511:45-2:30Physics HLDavala Hall
Thursday, April 2511:45-2:15Physics SLDavala Hall
Friday, April 268:00-10:45Physics HLDavala Hall
Friday, April 268:00-9:45Physics SLDavala Hall
Friday, April 2611:45-3:00Business HLRecital Hall
Friday, April 2612:45-2:30Business SLDavala Hall
Friday, April 2611:45-2:30Philosophy HLC107
Friday, April 2612:45-2:45Philosophy SLDavala Hall
Wednesday, May 18:45-10:45Business HLField House
Wednesday, May 18:45-10:30Business SLField House
Wednesday, May 18:00-10:45Philosophy HLField House
Wednesday, May 18:45-10:00Philosophy SLField House
Wednesday, May 111:45-2:00Math Analysis HL/Math Applications HLField House
Wednesday, May 111:45-1:30Math Applications SLField House
Thursday, May 28:45-11:00Math Analysis HL/Math Applications HLField House
Thursday, May 28:45-10:30Math Applications SLField House
Thursday, May 212:45-2:00Environmental SystemsField House
Monday, May 68:00-10:15Environmental SystemsField House
Monday, May 611:45-2:45German HL/SLField House
Monday, May 611:45-2:00Latin HLField House
Monday, May 611:45-1:30Latin SLField House
Monday, May 612:45-2:00Math Analysis HL/Math Applications HLField House
Tuesday, May 78:45-10:00German HL/SLHL (C110 ) SL (C115) Ab initio (C118)
Tuesday, May 78:45-10:30Latin HL/SLC100
Tuesday, May 712:00 - 4:00AP StatisticsField House
Tuesday, May 711:45-2:45TopicsDavala Hall
Wednesday, May 88:00-10:45TopicsDavala Hall
Wednesday, May 812:00-4:00AP GovernmentField House
Wednesday, May 811:45-2:00Chemistry SLDavala Hall
Wednesday, May 811:45-2:30Design TechnologyDavala Hall
Thursday, May 98:45-10:15Chemistry SLField House
Thursday, May 911:45-2:15English Literature/Language and LiteratureField House
Friday, May 108:00-10:15English Literature/Language and LiteratureField House
Friday, May 1012:45-2:30GeographyField House
Friday, May 1011:45-2:00Psychology HL/SLHL (Field House) SL (Davala Hall)
Friday, May 1011:45-2:00Social Anthropology HLField House
Friday, May 1012:45-2:30Social Anthropology SLField House
Monday, May 138:45-10:15GeographyField House
Monday, May 138:00-11:15Psychology HLField House
Monday, May 138:00-9:15Psychology SLDavala Hall
Monday, May 138:00-10:45Social Anthropology HLField House
Monday, May 138:45-10:30Social Anthropology SLField House
Monday, May 1311:45-2:30Biology HLField House
Monday, May 1311:45-2:15Biology SLField House
Tuesday, May 148:00-10:15Biology HLField House
Tuesday, May 148:00-9:15Biology SLField House
Tuesday, May 1411:45-2:45Spanish HL/SLField House
Wednesday, May 158:45-10:00Spanish HL/SLHL (Field House), SL (Davala Hall), Ab initio (C105)
Wednesday, May 1511:45-1:45Economics HL/SLField House
Thursday, May 168:00-11:15Economics HLB108
Thursday, May 168:45-10:15Economics SLRecital Hall
Thursday, May 1611:45-2:45French HL/SLB108
Friday, May 178:45-10:00French HL/SLSL (C210), HL (C100), Ab initio (C118)
Friday, May 248:00-12:00AP Calculus AB/BCDavala Hall


AP Exam Information http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/ AP Central is the official online home for anyone involved with the AP Programs. The site includes extensive exam information, test dates, & fee information.

Saturday SAT testing

***School Test Code: CEEB 470789***  When filling out information for standardized testing,  you will need the College Entrance Examination Board number.

For questions about the day of the test, contact our site coordinator Sandy Corbin at @email. Arrival time is printed on your test ticket.

Free Test Preparation

Free Online Test Prep through Robinson Secondary Library/Media Center Website Free online test prep is available for Robinson students through the GALE Research Database available on the Library/Media center website. Password for this site is available on the Library/Media Center Blackboard 24/7 page.

Test Optional Colleges and Universities

Lists of colleges and universities that make SAT/ACT scores optional for admissions.


NOVA Placement Tests (administered at Robinson Secondary School)

TBA – English TBA – Math Space is limited No fee  Pre-Registration is required. Registration process will be announced in April via email. Students must have completed a NOVA application prior to testing. A picture ID and a NOVA Student ID number are required to take the Placement Tests. As an alternative, students can also take the placement tests at the Testing Center on the NOVA Annandale Campus. https://www.nvcc.edu/Annandale/testing/index.html  For more information about the VPT Placement Tests: https://www.nvcc.edu/testing/placement.html 


October 11 - PSAT/NMSQT

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is pleased to announce plans to offer the Preliminary SAT (PSAT)/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) to students in grades 10-11 this fall. The test will be administered on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, and will be free of charge to enrolled FCPS students. The purpose of this letter is to provide general information about the PSAT/NMSQT School Day opportunity. This letter also provides time-sensitive information about testing accommodations for students with disabilities. 

New Digital Format in Fall 2023: This fall, the PSAT/NMSQT will be administered in a digital format. Students and families can find more information on the College Board Digital SAT Suite of Assessments webpage (https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/digital). Some testing accommodations are administered differently for digital tests than for paper/pencil tests. See below for information about accommodations for students with disabilities. 

The PSAT/NMSQT is a standardized test that measures mathematics and evidence-based reading and writing. The test focuses on reasoning skills, knowledge, and comprehension. It is designed to promote college readiness while preparing students for college entrance assessments. Information about test content and format can be found on the College Board PSAT/NMSQT webpage (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10/inside-the-test/key-features). The PSAT/NMSQT is co-sponsored by the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. While only students in grade 11 are eligible to compete for National Merit Scholarships, students in grade 10 who take the PSAT/NMSQT gain excellent practice for the PSAT/NMSQT in grade 11 and the SAT college entrance assessment. 

The PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide can be found on the College Board website (https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/media/pdf/psat-nmsqt-student-guide.pdf).

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who have testing accommodations documented in a 504 Plan or an individualized education program (IEP) may be eligible for testing accommodations on the PSAT/NMSQT. However, the College Board must approve a formal request for each student. 

  • If the student already has accommodations approved by College Board from a previous PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, SAT, or AP test, there is no need to resubmit accommodation requests. Once instated, accommodations remain in place for all College Board testing. See the College Board webpage for information about using accommodations on digital tests (https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/digital/accommodations-digital-testing/using-accommodations-digital-tests).
  • Enclosures 1-3 and the Accommodations Process for College Board Testing webpage (https://www.fcps.edu/node/38355) provide information on the FCPS process to request accommodations for College Board tests. If requesting new testing accommodations for PSAT/NMSQT, the required input and consent forms are due to the school by August 8, 2023. 

We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity for tenth and eleventh graders in October. Stay tuned for more information about the PSAT/NMSQT at the beginning of the school year. Information can also be found on the FCPS PSAT Assessments webpage (https://www.fcps.edu/node/42102).  

October 11 - SAT School Day

On Wednesday, October 11, Robinson Secondary School twelfth graders will have the opportunity to participate in the SAT School Day. FCPS will cover the cost for any twelfth grade student to take this test. The essay option and subject area tests are not available during SAT School Day. 

To reserve a seat for your twelfth grader to take this exam and ensure appropriate test materials are available for your student, families are asked to complete the form below by Wednesday, September 6. 

Robinson Secondary School: 2023 SAT School Day Intent to Participate Form  (https://forms.gle/7zZ6N5LjpL3q5ERy9)

Your student will need to use a @fcpsschools.net email account to access and complete this form.  A translated version of the form content may be found on the SAT School Day Intent Form webpage (https://www.fcps.edu/node/43896). FCPS sites cannot accept walk-ins on the day of the exam.  


General information about the SAT School Day test format is available on the College Board webpage (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/taking-the-test/sat-in-school). The SAT student guide can also be found there (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/pdf/sat-student-guide.pdf).

Students should bring 2 (non-mechanical) number 2 pencils and their own approved calculator. See this link on the College Board site for a description and list of approved calculators.

Directions on how to access scores and score release dates are published by College Board via the College Board website. Note that the Common App early decision deadline is November 1, 2023; however, SAT school day scores are also scheduled to post on November 1, 2023.  Therefore, students who are applying for early decision should consider registering for an SAT weekend administration.

We will share exam day schedules and additional details in the coming weeks. Students' @fcpsschools.net emails and school websites will be the primary means of communication for the SAT School Day and should be checked frequently for updates. If you have questions about the SAT School Day administration at Robinson High School, please contact the Assessment Coach Gina Lee at @email


Free Test Preparation

All FCPS students have access Tutor.com and Khan Academy’s free online test preparation, whether they are taking the SAT for the first time or have previously tested.

Tutor.com is accessible via Schoology and provides live tutoring services, including SAT preparation.

For students who have taken or plan to take the SAT, official SAT Practice is available on Khan Academy®. The Khan Academy online curriculum is customized for students based on any previous PSAT or SAT scores, and their website also offers general test preparation tips for students.

Khan Academy and the College Board analyzed gains between the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT and found a positive relationship between use of Official SAT Practice and score improvements on the SAT. The following video demonstrates How to Link College Board + Khan Academy Accounts.

Free online test prep is available for Robinson students through the GALE Research Database available on the Library/Media center website. Password for this site is available on the Library/Media Center Blackboard 24/7 page. For details go to: Testing & Education Reference Center

For questions, contact the following coordinators:

IB Coordinators


Saturday SAT

SSD Coordinator (accommodations for College Board tests)

  • Learning Disabilities Teacher, MS/HS

    SSD Coordinator (College Board accommodations)

For all other testing inquiries:

  • Assessment Coach

    SOL, WorkKeys, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT School Day, OECD-PISA, WIDA, AP
    703-426-2119 | Admin Office