Transcript Requests

Transcript Assistant

Kerry Ravenelle | | 703-426-2130  

Transcript Requests for Current Students

Due to the nature of virtual learning, all transcript requests will be processed virtually this year. All seniors should have received an invitation to access the Student Services 12th Grade Google Classroom*. The following forms, which may be required as part of the college application process, can be accessed through this Google Classroom. *Student will need to log into their Google Account to access these forms

For more information regarding post-secondary planning, please visit Robinson's College and Career Center Website:  

*Seniors can use join code keaelnp to access the Student Services 12th Grade Google Classroom. Students MUST use their account.

The first three college transcripts are free. For every transcript after three, there is a $5 charge per transcript.  All transcript fees should be paid through There is no fee for unofficial transcripts or for scholarship transcript requests.

Please adhere to the deadlines below while requesting transcripts for college applications.

Transcript Request Due Dates

College Deadline

Robinson Due Dates

October 15th September 22nd
Any November Date September 29th
Any December Date October 27th
January 1st - 14th November 17th
January 15th - 31st December 1st
Any February Date January 5th
Any March Date February 2nd

Past Graduates/Attendees of Robinson SS

Student records are kept at Robinson Secondary School for 5 years. If you have graduated from Robinson within the past 5 years and need to request an official transcript, please complete the following form.  Email it to our transcript assistant (address listed above), mail it to the Robinson Student Services Office, or deliver it to the Robinson Main Office in an envelope referencing the Student Services Office.  

Transcript Request Form for Former Students

*Note: transcript requests will not be processed before payment is received.

Payment of the $5.00 per request can be made by check or money order payable to Robinson Secondary or Online by using the Past Student Payment Link listed below.

Past Student Payment Link

To obtain records more than 5 years ago, please visit FCPS Online Student Records Request.

ACT/SAT Score Requests

It is the student’s responsibility to have all test scores sent directly to each college.  Visit the websites below to have your scores sent.