Transcript Requests

Transcript Assistant

Laurie Young | | 703 426-2135

Transcript Requests

Please adhere to the deadlines below while requesting transcripts for college applications. The process for requesting a transcript sets in motion a series of events that are designed to put together the best possible package for a student. Prior to submitting a request for a transcript, students should give their counselor a completed package of:

Transcript Request Due Dates

College Deadline

Due Dates

Any November Date October 4th
Any December Date October 30th
January 1st November 27th
January 15th - 31st December 4th
Any February Date January 10th
Any March Date February 5th

If you need to send a transcript please stop by the Transcript Office, which is located in High School Student Services Office in the Main Hallway. Requests to mail SAT and/or ACT scores should go to (SAT’s) or (ACT’s).

Past Graduates/Attendees of Robinson SS

Student records are kept at Robinson Secondary School for 5 years. To obtain records more than 5 years ago, please contact FCPS Online Student Records Request.