Safety & Security

Meet the Safety and Security Team and view safety and security resources

The safety of students and staff and the security of our campus are the two main concerns of the Security Team. To meet the challenges of maintaining a safe campus, we ask for the assistance of students, staff and parents to be vigilant. If you feel that something needs to be addressed, please bring it to the attention of the Security Team as soon as possible.

Safety and Security Team

Robinson Secondary School has four full-time security staff and two full-time Student Resource Officers (SRO), one in the Middle School and one in the High School.  Our Security Staff is comprised of a Security Specialist and Security Assistants.


Parking at Robinson is assigned by zone. Juniors and Seniors may park in designated areas only after securing a parking pass.  All FCPS employees park in designated staff lots, and parents and visitors may park in visitor spaces.

Safety and Security Resources

FCPS Safety and Security

FCPS Safety and Security takes exhaustive measures to make FCPS a safe and secure place to learn and work.

Safety Tipline

Visit the FCPS Safety Tipline webpage to anonymously report a tip via an electronic form, SMS text, or phone call.