Club List & Schedule

A new schedule will be posted each quarter.

Welcome to Robinson!  The After School Program offers middle school students time to engage in a variety of activities including extended learning opportunities, academic support, community service, sport and fitness programming, and social events in a safe and fun environment.   By selecting clubs and activities of interest, students are empowered to pursue areas of interest or learn something new while developing positive relationships with peers and adults and building a sense of community here at Robinson. The After School Program is a time to engage, create, and connect!

Club-By-Day Schedule | 4th Quarter | Updated 5/2/22

Club List & Descriptions | 4th Quarter  | Updated 4/4/22

Last day for club and activity meetings: Wednesday, May 25

Last day for late bus service: Thursday, May 26 (8th grade dance participants only)

Make sure to check the Grade 7 or 8 Schoology Group page for the most recent updates and posting of all schedules and club specific registration forms. 

Daily Activity Calendar

The daily activity calendar is posted on Schoology with cancellations announced in the update stream.

Students need to use the After School Sign-up form posted daily on their grade level Schoology stream at 9:30am to sign-up for clubs each meeting day.