Speech Team Results | WACFL Metro Finals

By Alison Wolfe
School-wide Spotlight
February 25, 2019

speech-teamThe speech team competed in the WACFL Metro Finals the weekend of February 23rd.  The first 4 rounds were against other schools in the Arlington Diocese. The 5th round takes the top 3 placers from each diocese (Washington being the other) and has them go against each other to determine who will be the WACFL Metro champions. The last round does not take the prior 4 rounds scores into account when determining placement. Entries that were in the top 6 of their individual events for Arlington qualified to go to Nationals, which will be held Memorial Day Weekend in Milwaukee at Marquette University.

Please join me in congratulating the following students who will be representing Robinson at Nationals.

In declamation: -1st place in the Arlington League and 4th place in WACFL - Sebel Alemu (10th grade) -2nd place in the Arlington League and 2nd place in WACFL - Ren Hartigan (10th grade)

In extemporaneous: -In 4th place in the Arlington League - Sofia Perrone (11th grade)

In duo: -In 5th place in the Arlington League - Matthew Hauser and Lucas Hauser (both 12th grade)

Additionally, we had placers in impromptu but it is not a national event. -Lucas Hauser was 1st in both Arlington and WACFL -Matthew Hauser was 2nd in Arlington and 4th in WACFL If you see these students around school please give them your well wishes.

Finally, if you want to see what the speech team does at these competitions, we cordially invite you to attend RamTalks on Friday, March 15 in Recital Hall at 7pm.