Speech Team Results

By Alison Wolfe
High School Spotlight
December 18, 2018

This past Saturday the speech team competed in our second WACFL tournament of the year. We had 7 members participate in 4 of the 7 events offered. A picture of the team (with coach) can be found below.

Students competed in extemporaneous speaking, impromptu, original oratory and declamation.

Of the 7 students who competed, 4 of them placed in the top 6 of their respective events and are eligible for metrofinals.

  • Extemporaneous
    • 1st place – Sofia Perrone (junior)
  • Declamation
    • 2nd place – Ren Hartigan (sophomore)
  • Original Oratory
    • 4th place – Delaney Parks (junior)
  • Impromptu
    • 5th place – Matthew Hauser (senior)
    • Chomping at the bit in 7th place out of 41 competitors – Lucas Hauser (senior)

We are now starting to prepare for the January WACFL tournament and the VHSL Occoquan Region Tournament being held in January. We are always looking for students to join the team and compete, especially at the VHSL tournament. There are a total of 11 events (the 4 I have already detailed, plus storytelling, prose, poetry, duo serious, duo humorous, dramatic serious, and dramatic humorous) that students may partake in at the VHSL tournament, and the more entrants we have, and them placing in 1st-3rd, the higher chance we have at coming home with the Occoquan Region Champs Title, as they award this honor based upon total points the entire team earns. If you think you think might be interested in joining the team please do so. We do not turn people away. Middle school practices on Monday and High school on Thursday.