Science Olympiad Tournament Results

By Doug Gross & Karen Miller
School-wide Spotlight
March 04, 2022

Over the past couple weeks and concluding last weekend our Science Olympiad team has been competing in the regional tournament with 30 other teams.  The team competed in 19 events ranging from Anatomy to Wifi Lab.  As a school Robinson finished in 4th place at the regional tournament with many students receiving individual medals (top 6) in certain events.  Listed below are the events and the students who medaled.  If you see them today make sure to congratulate them.


Anatomy and Physiology 

  • 3rd place – Natasha Groves and Colette Orwan
  • 6th place – Sophia Jaramillo and Ethan Hayes


  • 3rd place – Ammar Nadeem and Abram Alvarado
  • 5th place – Rhea Sethi and Max Griffiths


  • 4th place – Andy Rosene and Leilani Co

Disease Detectives         

  • 3rd place – Brooke Beenhouwer and Naomi Fitzgerald

Dynamic Planet               

  • 5th place – Mahreen Ahmed and Rachel Pryor
  • 6th place – Carly Mew and Sneha Verma

Environmental Chemistry

  • 2nd place – Fiona Murphy and Andrea Agola

Experimental Design     

  • 2nd place – Sophia Jaramillo, Brooke Beenhouwer and Naomi Fitzgerald

Gravity Vehicle                 

  • 2nd place – Nicolas Cabrera and Owen Corley
  • 5th place – Aidan Liu and Ryan Pitney

Green Generation           

  • 5th place – Rhea Sethi and Ethan Tucker


  • 2nd place – Ethan Hayes and Elias Donohue
  • 4th place – Max Griffiths and Rijja Noor Ahktar

Ping Pong Parachute    

  • 6th place – Leilani Co and Brandon Yu

Trajectory (Catapults)   

2nd place – Aidan Liu and Shean Rahman

Wifi Lab                               

5th place – Ammar Nadeem and Abram Alvarado


Mr. Doug Gross and Mr. Bryan Harris wanted to give a big shout out to everyone who helped the kids along the way.  Thank you to all the wonderful Tech Ed staff members, Steve Snyder, Barrett Airaghi, and Amy Krellwitz, for guiding and instructing kids in using the fancy equipment for their builds.  We wouldn’t be able to do some of these more complicated build events without you.  Another thank you to Juliana Stroup who despite not coaching the team this year, spent countless hours helping get everything set up and providing valuable advice.  We qualified for the state competition and will be down at UVA in a few weeks.