Science Olympiad

By Karen Miller & Juliana Stroup
High School Spotlight
February 03, 2020

Robinson’s Science Olympiad teams had their first competition of the year this Saturday at the National Cathedral School in Washington DC. It was a beautiful (and long!) day. Our two and a half teams (thanks to the SAT’s!) competed in 23 different events against 900 other students across 36 teams and represented Robinson very well. A special shout out to the army of parent volunteers who came to help run the Detectors event for the competition, Robinson is known among the Science Olympiad Community for our outstanding volunteers! Our team will compete again January 11.

Congratulations to our medalists (top 6 medal)

Circuit Lab, 6th Place Owen Schwartz and Mackenzie Proper

Codebusters,  5th Place Pristina Koon, Logan Day, and Connor Hayes

Fossils, 5th Place Jason Yao and Logan Day

Gravity Vehicle, 3rd Place Owen Schwartz and Sophia Gospodinov

Machines, 2nd Place Ammar Nadeem and Clark Bellomy (super impressive freshman team in their first competition, in a physics heavy event!)

Ping Pong Parachute, 5th Place Leonardo Gutierrez and Hannah Lee

Write It Do It:, 3rd place Andy Rosene and Oyu Enkhbold

Picture This, 3rd Place Jason Yao, Connor Hayes, Logan Day

                         6th Place Andrea Schlegel, Andy Rosene, and Josh Sawin