Robinson Science Olympiad Regional Champs!

By Juliana Stroup & Doug Gross | Chemistry Teachers and Karen Miller | Website Curator
High School Spotlight
February 28, 2020

Our Science Olympiad team competed at our Regional Tournament on Saturday, February 15th.  Robinson Science Olympiad had an AMAZING day in Charlottesville, resulting in our best regional finish ever.  We placed first as a school in the region, with our three individual teams coming in 1st, 4th and 6th place. A total of 33 event teams earned a medal (top 6 finish). Further, over 80% of the team took home at least one medal. There is absolutely NO way we would have had such tremendous success if it were not for all the hard work of EVERY team member. One team in particular (Anatomy and Physiology) went from 50th at our last competition to 1st at regional. They really worked hard and showed such incredible perseverance and dedication. We could not be more proud of them.

ram-valuesRobinson students continually represent our school by incorporating our Ram Values.  One of our freshman team members had the tempting opportunity to edit his test log to receive full points (he was missing 2 of 10 points) but told us that he knew it wasn’t the right thing to do.  His gravity vehicle had the best run of the night, but his decision to honor his integrity dropped him to 8th. We were proud of his ethics despite the penalty. Another student demonstrated empathy, by loaning a competing team her goggles for an event so that team would avoid a last-minute disqualification.  While we are incredibly proud of the results of the students yesterday, we are even more proud of the resilience, integrity, innovation, empathy, and accountability of the entire team. When students participate in activities, such as Science Olympiad, they not only develop that science skills, but lif-lng skills they will take with them when they leave Robinson.  All of our Science Olympiad students embodied all of our Ram Values. 

We wanted to send a few Slap Clap Woo's out to people who helped us along the way. First, we want to thank the whole science department, but especially Karen McLean and Austin Walter for providing time, expertise and training on many aspects of content preparation.  We also wanted to thank the whole Tech Ed department; Barrett Airaghi ,Steve Snyder, and Amy Krellwitz, for allowing Gravity Vehicle teams to use the machinery and providing their time and expertise in assisting in construction.  We wouldn't have gotten second place in the event without your help.  


1st Place School – Robinson Secondary

1st Place Team – Robinson Magic

4th Place Team – Robinson Performic

6th Place Team – Robinson Traumatic

Individual Event Medalists

Anatomy :                          

1st  Hyebin Lee &  Sophia Jaramillo

3rd  Cate Baum & Fiona Murphy


1st  Pristina Koon &  Mrinal Bhatnagar


4th Andy Rosene &  Grace Bondanella

6th Rea Yoza & Riya Pudisani

Chem Lab                           

4th Joon Nam & Sakcchi Tuladar

5th Hyebin Lee & Rachel Lin

Circuit Lab                         

3rd   Owen Schwartz & Mackenzie Proper


2nd Pristina Koon, Connor Hayes & Logan Day

3rd Fiona Murphy, Joon Nam, & Mahreen Ahmed 

5th Stefan Areseneau, Ka'eo Swartzmiller & Lauren Eliff

Designer Genes               

3rd  Winston Ravich & Angela Hong

4th  Sophia Jaramillio & Oyu Enkhbold


1st Owen Schwartz & MacKenzie Proper

6th  Stefan Areseneau & Ka’eo Swartzmiller

Disease Detectives         

3rd Rea Yoza & Bryan Jeong

Dynamic planet               

4th Cate Baum & Abram Alvarado


4th Lauren Eliff & Hannah Chong

5th Mariam Akthar & Angela Liao

6th Sohyla Ahmed & Alex Chestnut


2nd  Logan Day & Jason Yao

6th  Alex Chestnut & Mahreen Ahmed

Gravity Vehicle                

2nd Owen Schwartz & Sophia Gospodinov


5th Mackenzie Proper & Sophia Gospodinov


1st  Jason Yao & Rachel Lin

5th Andrea Schlegel & Josh Sawin

Ping Pong Parachute     

2nd Leonardo Gutierrez & Casey Yu

5th  Abram Alvarado & Amaar Nadeem 

Sounds of Music              

1st Sophia Gospodinov & Connor Hayes

Write it Do it                     

5th James Parente & Katie Medley

Wright Stuff                      

1st Jason Yao & Connor Hayes                                                                    

2nd Rea Yoza & Clark Bellomy

6th Danny Know & Hannah Chong