Robinson Recognizes Faculty and Staff

By Karen Miller
School-wide Spotlight
December 20, 2019

Some of our talented staff members were recently recognized by their colleagues, parents and students by being nominated to the FCPS Awards Program.  Fairfax County Public Schools annually awards a select group of employees with the following distinctions; Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding New Teacher, Outstanding Professional Employee, Outstanding Operational Employee, Outstanding Leader, Outstanding Principal and Outstanding New Principal.  In order to become an FCPS Award winner, nominees are first gathered at the school level.  From there, staff move on to the Pyramid Level, and then to the Region Level.  If a staff member becomes their Region Nominee, they are then eligible to be nominated for the FCPS awards decision-making team.  The final awards ceremony takes place in the Spring-time.

Robinson's nominees were recognized at out most recent faculty meeting.  The awards committee was humbled by the outpouring of nominees from our community.  The staff members who are moving on to the next level, who are pictured above from left to right, are:

  • Tracey Phillips: Outstanding New Principal
  • Carleigh Peterson: Outstanding High School Teacher
  • Roisin Burford: Outstanding Middle School Teacher
  • Haley Crissman: Outstanding New Teacher
  • Jim Carter: Outstanding High School Professional Employee
  • Lisa Gould: Outstanding Operational Employee
  • Bill Evers: Outstanding Leader
  • Dolores Malloy: Outstanding Middle School Professional Employee (not pictured)

Our Principal, Tracey Phillips has also been nominated for Outstanding New Principal.  She has been a wonderful leader in her short time as the building principal. We wish all of our colleagues the best as they move through the nomination process.  We also wish to thank the nomination committee for their perseverance and tireless work as the read through the many nominations.  Deciding who to move forward is a difficult task and they handled it with diligence.

Other Outstanding Teacher Nominees pictured below are:

Top Row From Left to Right: Andrew Loft, Faith Angove, Jim Evans, Jane McKee, Matthew Connolly, Peggi Miller, Stephanie Wright, Wendy Singerman and Olivia O'Brien

Bottom Row From Left to Right: Anne Rupert, Elizabeth Musso, Beth Creech, Adrienne Forte, Alexia Small, Chris, Devine, Debbie Supernor, and Monica Jugnet

Other Outstanding Nominees in Support Roles pictured below:

From Left to Right: Taylor Nelson, Jill Mahoney, Christyn Levy, Ann Wong and Karen Miller

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