German Exchange Students Visit Robinson

By K. Miller | E. Massey | C. Ostermann-Healey
School-wide Spotlight
October 08, 2019

german-exchange-students-and-robinson-studentsWelcome German Exchange Students!

Robinson Secondary School's German World Languages Program is hosting students from Germany.  They arrived this week on a typical American school bus.  While here they will be immersed in the typical U.S. high school experience.  They will attend classes with their sponsors as well as extra-curricular activities, such as a home football game.  


german-exchange-students-and-robinson-studentsWe would like to thank and recognize our German Language teachers who help to make this such a rich and positive experience for all students involved.  A special thanks to...

Ms. Massey

Ms. Ostermann-Healy 


Ms. Laemmerzahl

Go Rams!