FBLA Regional Awards


By Rebekah Glasbrenner and Karen Miller
School-wide Spotlight
March 04, 2022

fbla-medalsOf our approximately 90 FBLA members, who competed in various events over the course of the past couple of weeks through a variety of events involving; taking objective knowledge tests, creating presentations and projects, interviewing and more, 53 students placed in the top 3 at the Regional level. Some students competed as individuals, others as teams. 47 of these students who placed in the top 3 qualify to compete at the State Leadership Conference on April 1st – 2nd in Reston, VA.

Please join us in congratulating ALL of our FBLA competitors as well as our FBLA  Advisors; Anne Chapman, Don Malkowski, TJ Finnerty, Jill Stickel and Rebekah Glasbrenner. Below, you can see the students (individuals and teams) who placed in the top 3 at the NOVA Regional Level.

In addition to the awards ceremony, one of our own FBLA members was able to present her speech from her event (Introduction to Public Speaking) for which she placed in the top 3. A huge congratulations and job well done to Helena Rossi!

Events Name(s) Place @ Regionals
Advertising Ash Mika 1st
Agribusiness Zach Nicholson 1st
Introduction to Business Concepts Aayusa Dhakal 1st
Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure Brittany Ai 1st
Supply Chain Management Jack Sheridan 1st
UX Design Karsten Assoua 1st
Introduction to Event Planning Jason Ferns & Kedar Krishnan 1st
Management Information Systems Thomas Asefi 1st
Sports & Entertainment Management Gabriel Garcia, Andre Lobo-Touzard, & Bars Enkhtur 1st
Job Interview Chloe Fortune 1st
Agribusiness Karena White 2nd
Business Communication Nora Lash 2nd
Business Law Grace Im 2nd
Introduction to FBLA Helena Rossi 2nd
Networking Infrastructure Thomas Basta 2nd
Securities & Investments Skyler Tunc 2nd
Supply Chain Management Aleeza Kagzi 2nd
Entrepreneurship George Cashman, Noah Stein, Skyler Tunc 2nd
Sports & Entertainment Management Antranig Kasbarian & Liam Bianchetti 2nd
Digital Video Production Grace Kim, Cherry Lin, Elroi Elias 2nd
Impromptu Speaking Lexy Wade 2nd
Data Analysis Diego Saez & Dongju Han 2nd
Introduction to Social Media Strategy Sana Popalzai & Jacqueline Dougherty 2nd
Human Resource Management Diego Dominguez Liberato 3rd
Insurance & Risk Management Emily Lu 3rd
Introduction to Business Communication Catherine Uptmor 3rd
Introduction to Business Procedures Michael Know 3rd
Introduction to FBLA Gelila Solomon 3rd
Introduction to Information Technology Samina Tukhi 3rd
Securities & Investments Antranig Kasbarian 3rd
Banking & Financial Systems Anthony Barretta & Dylan Nguyen 3rd
Hospitality & Event Management Sophie MacLachlan & Aarika Sharma 3rd
International Business Vanessa Wu & Mariana Ortegon 3rd
Marketing Michael Rodriguez, John Hibbs 3rd
Network Design Spandan Das 3rd
Website Design Thomas Basta 3rd
Introduction to Public Speaking Helena Rossi 3rd
Introduction to Information Technology Ethan Tucker 4th
Journalism Connor Braun 4th
Networking Infrastructure Jack Guzzano 4th
Entrepreneurship Stephen Dalil, Imara Haggarty, Trey Davis 4th
International Business Raadhika Bhobe & Aleeza Kagzi 4th
Advertising Annaliese Jones 5th
Business Communication Jovi Bahnan 5th
Computer Problem Solving Rheiya Thuramalla 5th
Economics Carly Mew 5th
Health Care Administration Chloe Fortune 5th
Human Resource Management Lexy Wade 5th
UX Design Jackson Trumpower 5th
Word Processing Skander Latif 5th
Hospitality & Event Management Marta Stolorz & Dayanara Villegas 5th
Introduction to Business Presentation Samina Tukhi 5th
Sales Presentation Evan Lindenberg, Spencer Bohn, Diego Dominguez Liberato 5th
Business Ethics Vincent Martinez & Yuri Na