Congratulations Senior Class of 2022

By Karen Miller & Amy Hard
High School Spotlight
June 02, 2022

Robinson Secondary School's Senior Class of 2022 had a fun and busy last week of school.  On May 31st, our Seniors participated in the Senior Parade, which is an annual tradition at Robinson. Students donning their caps and gowns walked the halls during break, lead by Robinson's Drumline.  After walking the halls at Robinson, they boarded buses to visit our Robinson Pyramid Elementary Schools; Bonnie Brae, Fairview, Laurel Ridge, Oakview and Terra Centre.  

Ms Hard Running Graduation RehearsalOn June 1st, our Seniors arrived back to school, bright and early, for graduation rehearsal in our field house,  Graduation rehearsal and the ceremony are coordinated efforts led by Amy Hard, graduation coordinator, Travis Hess, Director of Student Services, our Principal Tracey Phillips and Associate Principal, Ann Wong.  Our High School Counselors as well as our HS Student Services Staff work incredibly hard behind the scenes to make this event a meaningful and memorable day for our students and families. Our staff participate as marshals, parking attendants, ushers and more during the day of graduation.

Later that day, on June 1st, many of our seniors were recognized at the senior awards ceremony in Russell Theatre. Students received leadership, military, and academic awards from department chairs and other staff members.  One special award is saved for graduation day,  the Faculty Award. Each year, the Robinson Faculty recognizes one graduating student who has truly distanced themselves from all others. The Faculty Award is presented to a member of the graduating class who, in the staff member's judgment, has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of character, scholarship, leadership, personal growth, and service.

Robinson's class of 2022 graduated on June 2nd at the Eagle Bank Arena at the George Mason University Campus.  Please enjoy the photos below.  And...

Congratulations to our Graduating RAMS!


Graduation 2022 Album 1

Graduation 2022 Album 2

Graduation 2022 Album 3

Senior Parade

Graduation Rehearsal 2022

Senior Awards Ceremony 2022