FAQs Regarding IB MYP

FAQs Regarding the IB MYP

Does my student need to apply to participate?

No. The IB MYP is in inclusive program. All students in grades 7 to 10 participate in the IB MYP simply by being Robinson students. Since it is an instructional framework and not a curriculum, it can be delivered in any classroom.

What is the difference between the MYP and the IB program?

What is often referred to as the “IB Program” at Robinson is the IB Diploma Program — a program primarily for 11th and 12th graders in which some students can choose to complete the IB Diploma. In fact, both the Diploma Program (DP) and the Middle Years Program (MYP) are IB programs.

Two notable differences between the programs are:

• Robinson students can choose whether or not to participate in DP classes, but the MYP includes all Robinson students in grades 7 to 10

• DP classes include a specific curriculum created by IB, while the MYP offers an instructional framework for delivering the Virginia Standards of Learning and Fairfax County Program of Studies

I have heard there is a Personal Project for 10th graders as part of the IB MYP. What is this all about?

This project is an important part of the IB MYP here at Robinson and at all MYP schools. It’s exactly what it sounds like--a project that is of personal interest to the student. Students choose the topic to explore AND the type of project they will create. In working towards their goal, students practice skills such as self-management, communication, research, and collaboration. They are supported throughout 10th grade and complete the project in February of their 10th grade year.