Students Visit the German Embassy

By Karen Miller and Carolyn Ostermann-Healy
School-wide Spotlight
November 01, 2022

On Friday, October 28, the IB German 2 class visited the German Embassy for the 50th year celebration of GAPP (German American Partnership Program). Robinson has had a partner school in Dortmund, Germany through the GAPP program for over 10 years. The students were greeted by the director of the program through a video livestream from NYC. They then participated in a trivia quiz for great prizes. They received gingerbread hearts and more. The embassy treated the students to lunch, followed by a speaker.  The speaker was a young diplomat from Germany who talked about her experiences working in the diplomatic corps. She answered questions from “What’s your favorite American food?” to “What advice would you give a student who is interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy?” Following the presentation, the students had a tour of the German Ambassador’s residence and learned all about the job of an Ambassador. The students received a gift bag full of GAPP swag and a T-Shirt.

Robinson has a robust German Language Program led by teachers Carolyn Ostermann-Healy and Emily Massey.  Both Ms. Massey and Ms. Ostermann-Healy are veteran teachers who provide an engaging and informative classroom experience.