Speech & Debate Team Results | March & April 2021

By Alison Wolfe and Karen MIller
High School Spotlight
April 20, 2021

On to the State Tournament!

There is never a dull moment in the realm of the Speech and Debate Team. On April 10th, members of the Debate Team had the honor of competing in the VHSL 6CD Super Regional Debate Tournament. Coach Allison Wolfe shared out the results, and 5 students are State Bound on Saturday, April 24.

In student congress the top 12 competitors advance onto states. The final placings in that event are as follows:

  • Senior Andrew Lichtblau – 2nd place
  • Sophomore Chloe Copper – 8th place
  • Sophomore Megha Setia – 11th place

In public forum, the top 3 teams advance onto states. The final placings in that event are as follows:

  • Seniors Khalid Al-Falah and Maria Dimian – 3rd plac

Additionally, the team as a whole are the Super Region 6CD Runner Ups (Chantilly HS Speech & Debate were the champions).

Just like with all the other announcements of the teams wins, we do not have pictures of them with medals to share with you. Hopefully one day we will after the hardware makes its way to the school. Once again, when it does come in, you will be able to view the trophy in the scholastic teams display case in the main hallway.

We would love to invite you to come and watch them compete at states, but due to the nature of the platforms being used for the virtual competition, spectators are not allowed.

On another note, if you did not catch the e-mail at the beginning of spring break when I shared out the Speech Team State Tournament results from March 27, here they are again:

  • Senior Andrew Lichtblau – 2nd place in Impromptu
  • Senior Seble Alemu – 3rd place in Prose


Debate Results

Robinson is very proud of our Debate Team.  Please join us in congratulating the following students…

Student congress (students who partook in 2 rounds of competition):

  • 1st – Senior Andrew Lichtblau (with 493 points out of 500, the 2nd place person was 30 points behind him)
  • 3rd – Sophomore Chloe Copper
  • 5th – Sophomore Mega Setia
  • 10th – Junior Vanessa Wu

In public forum who partook in 4 rounds of competition we have:

  • 2nd – Seniors Maria Dimian and Khalid Al-Falah

The team, as a whole, are the Occoquan Region Runner Ups, Lake Braddock took home the Championship.

Because the debate competition was virtual, we don’t have any pictures of the students holding their medals proudly or the runner-up trophy. All medals will be sent to the DSA office and we hope to get pictures of the students eventually with the hardware. The school as a whole will be able to enjoy looking at the trophy in the Scholastic Teams display case once it is received.

Once again thank you to everyone for your support of this academic team.

Speech Results

Recently, 3 members from the speech team partook in the VHSL Occoquan Regional Tournament in a virtual setting.

The following students will be moving onto Super Regionals on February 24.

  • Senior Andrew Lichtblau came in 1st place in Impromptu
  • Senior Seble Alemu came in 3rd place in Prose

Alternatives (should the 1-3 place finishers be unable to compete)

  • Sophomore Rheiya Thuramalla came in 4th place in Impromptu

The team as a whole Tied for 4th place.

Since it was a virtual competition, we do not have any pictures of them proudly displaying their medals. The medals will be sent in the mail to the DSA office, so hopefully at some point we can get some socially distanced pictures of them holding them up with pride.

Thanks also goes out to Doug Warren who judged making it possible for them to compete.