Science Olympiad

By Juliana Stroup and Karen Miller
High School Spotlight
March 01, 2021

Even in a virtual school year, Robinson fielded 4 teams for Science Olympiad, including 60 amazing young scientists. Our teams met after school and on Mondays to prepare to compete in 24 different events, ranging from Anatomy and Physiology, to Protein Modeling and Ornithology. From Codebusters and Geomapping to Circuit Lab and Designer Genes, these students put in the time and energy to keep growing and learning all year and Mr. Gross and Mrs. Stroup are so impressed with all of them. We have competed in 5 invitationals, in Pearl City Hawaii, Fairfax, Duke, NC, Westlake, NY and Troy , OH,  leading up to the Virginia Regional last week. We are excited to share that through the hard work and dedication of our RAMTASTIC Science Olympians, Robinson qualified for the state competition on March 20th

A HUGE Congratulations to all of our teams for a successful season!! Special congratulations to the following Regional Individual Event Medalists, who score in the top 6 as well as our top 10 finishers!

  • Anatomy and Physiology – 1st place – Sophia Jaramillo and Casey Yu
  • Sounds of Music – 1st Place – Connor Hayes and Andy Rosene
  • Digital Structures – 3rd Place – Liam Bianchetti and Ethan Fisk
  • Disease Detectives – 4th Place – Alex Chestnut and Naomi Fitzgerald
  • Machines – 4th Place Andy Rosene and Brooke Beenhouwer and 8th Place - Hannah Chong and Yunji Kim
  • Fossils – 5th Place - Ethan Hayes and Andrea Agola
  • Dynamic Planet - 5th Place – Mariam Akhtar and Brooke Beenhouwer
  • Forensics – 5th Place – Laura Baitinger and Angela Liao
  • Protein Modelling – 5th Place – Sophia Jaramillo, Oyu Enkhbold & Marian Akhtar & 8th Place - Hannah Lee, Elizabeth LaFalce, & Rijja Noor Akhtar
  • Water Quality - 6th Place – Grace Bondanella and Angela Hong and 7th Place -  Lauren Eliff and Rachel Lin
  • Chem Lab – 7th Place - Hannah Lee and Andrea Agola and  10th Place -  Sophia Jaramillo and You Enkhbold
  • Ornithology – 8th Place - Grace Bondanella and Leilani Co and 9th Place - Andrea Schlegel and Rijja Noor Akhtar
  • Write It Cad It - 10th Place - Eden Elias and Bryan Jeon
  • Astronomy – 10th Place -  Mrinal Bhantagar and Connor Hayes


On to States!

Go Rams!!