Scenes from September

By Karen Miller
High School Spotlight
October 01, 2018

This fall has been a busy and enjoyable time for both students and staff at Robinson Secondary School.  Our athletes have been busy perfecting their skills.  Some of our seniors got together early in the school year to participate in their annual track painting.  Various group of students came together to paint a panel on the blacktop of the home side of the football field.   This is always a nice time for friends to get reacquainted at the end of the summer.  We also have some of the best fans!

Enjoy some photos from in and around Robinson. 

Our marching band is also representing Robinson "With Pride". In addition to filling the football stadium on Friday nights with spirited songs and percussion, they also participate in various marching band competitions during the fall.  Our marching band and cheerleaders also welcomed new teachers and students at the beginning of school.