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By Community Contributions & Karen MIller
School-wide Spotlight
November 17, 2021


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Emilia Gillevet, Robinson SS

"Emilia has done an incredible job in her first year at Robinson. She is a dedicated professional who always strives to engage kids and works tirelessly to find lessons that inspire and inform."

- Duane Edwards, Robinson SS

Amanda Livingston, Robinson SS

"Ms. Livingston was extremely helpful by offering guidance and assistance with registering my son for his winter sports team try outs. She responded to my email immediately and offered assurance that my son's online registration was complete. Thank you so much!"

- a Robinson SS parent 

Barb Caley, Robinson SS

"Ms. Caley leads the social studies department as the chair. She previously challenged the department to reflect on our instructional practices, and provided meaningful and important professional development on culturally responsive pedagogy during our recent department meeting. Ms. Caley is leading us in reflecting on our instructional decision-making as we work to promote an inclusive and culturally responsive classroom. This is a particularly challenging topic, however, she worked to develop a discussion protocol to support conversations so everyone could feel safe in participating. Ms. Caley provided supportive materials both before and throughout the meeting, to include reminding us of the wealth of resources in the culturally responsive teaching toolkit. This extensive preparation made it easy for us to participate in relevant conversations within our collaborative teams and as a department. This work will continue to inform our instruction as we work throughout the rest of the year. It was helpful, engaging and meaningful!"

- Eileen Hoppock, Robinson SS 

John Sherry, Robinson SS 

"John Sherry is a veteran teacher at Robinson Secondary, but he is in his first year teaching a particular course. Despite the challenges of teaching a course new to him, he serves as the collaborative team (CT) leader. John regularly responds to team members' questions with details, offers assistance, and keeps the whole team (of all "new to this course" members) organized. He has looked at both short-term issues as well as long-term planning goals and has worked tirelessly to ensure a quality product for students in the course. He exhibits great patience and creativity, and we are lucky to have him!"

- Eileen Hoppock, Robinson SS

Ruth Azimi, Robinson Secondary School

"Hello, with kind regards and thank you very much for this opportunity for the people who deserve to be recognized in our community. My name is Heidi Hernandez, I have a senior student at Robinson High School. I want recognize all the support that Ms. Ruth Azimi has given to my family and the Robinson community. I met Ms. Azimi, before my daughter attended Robinson, she was a third grader at Laurel Ridge Elementary School, and since then, Ms. Azimi has been very supportive of my student and now that my daughter is in the twelfth grade I am very grateful for Ms. Azimi, because she gives more than what is asked of her. My daughter had a good experience on Friday October 22nd with The ALCANZA College Fair at George Mason.  Please consider Ms. Azimi, she deserves to be recognized in our community as a person of great value. My family greatly appreciates all of her support. Thank you."

- a Robinson SS parent 

Congratulations to Jessica Csomay, Robinson SS

In addition to the wonderful recognition below, Jessica was recently selected as the Region 4 FCPS Cares March Winner!!


"We are a military family and new to Robinson Secondary School. My son, 9th grade, has struggled this year connecting.  We've spent the last 8 months to ourselves because school was virtual, we are new to the area and there's a pandemic. My son really wanted to be apart of Quiz Bowl, but he really didn't understand how to connect with the team and stay connected after Christmas break. Between the virtual setting, not really grasping the scope of competition, not connecting really with peers, and feeling really isolated in general, he kind of dropped off the radar for Quiz Bowl. I asked him about it one day and he said he didn't think they needed him because of the links he was using to join, no one was there. It really broke my heart as a mother. I knew I needed to help connect him to the coach - Ms. Jessica Csomay. I sent her an email inquiring asking her if there was any way she could reach out to my son. She responded with the most heartwarming reply, telling me that my son was absolutely welcomed on the team and she would reach out to him personally to ensure he knew how to connect and when. At each meeting of Quiz Bowl, he grew more excited and more involved. It was so nice to see after such a long year of not really meeting or seeing anyone. He became an alternate for Quiz Bowl, but I'm pretty sure Ms.Csomay encouraged him to jump in to participate.  He did. I'm not sure he was a help to the team, but he felt like he was part of one for the first time in a long time. Being new to school like Robinson during COVID and being 100% virtual was tough on him. We are a military family, this was our 9th move and his 6th school. He moved away from friends, supportive teachers in Florida. He needed someone to reach out to him, let him know he mattered and he was part of something. Ms.Csomay did something really amazing for our family, she made my son feel involved and seen by others during this lockdown. I will never forget what she did for us - the simple act of reaching out, nudging him along. She is a gift to all kids and I'm grateful - so grateful. Robinson Quiz Bowl Team just won State and now qualified for Nationals! My son is so excited to be a part of this team, he feels like a Robinson Ram - FINALLY. Thank you Ms. Csomay."

- a Robinson SS parent

Steve Snyder and Travis Hess

The Robinson team (of Steve and Travis) created a much appreciated sign of support for the SCHS community! In addition, Travis has continued to check in to convey his care and concern and continues to exemplify a caring culture!

Amanda Livingston

Amanda always goes above and beyond to find the answer and/or solution to my questions. She is quick to respond and is always upbeat and positive. She is a kind and helpful individual who cares about the students and staff at Robinson Secondary School. It has been a pleasure to work with Amanda during the spring season. Have a RAMtastic day, Amanda, and thank you!

Judy Ann Gray

I noticed very early on in the school year that students would log in early to Ms. Gray’s class. Every class, she would have several students logging in to chat with her about nature, animals, and their plans for the weekend. The way she engaged the students in each and every class will have an everlasting effect on them. Through my experience, as an educator, these moments are so vital for our students. It is clear that educating is her passion. It is clear that not only does she strive for excellent instruction but to make genuine connections with her students. Thank you Ms. Gray for being wonderful!

Anne Rupert

My daughter has been a member of the Robinson Orchestra program under the direction of Anne Rupert since 7th grade. Orchestra has always been her favorite part of the school day, and participating in the program has provided her with challenging musical opportunities, close friendships, and lots of wonderful memories. As a senior this year, one of the most difficult impacts of the pandemic was accepting the fact that she would not have a senior year with orchestra - no concerts, no spring trip, and no senior solo.

Orchestra is not a class that lends itself to a virtual environment, but Mrs. Rupert went above and beyond to help her students continue to grow and learn as musicians, even from behind the computer screen. When students were finally allowed to attend school in-person again in March, orchestra class was the main reason my daughter wanted to go back. She was so excited to be able to play her instrument again, surrounded by her peers! Mrs. Rupert is also preparing the students for a concert at the end of the year. She has spent a lot of time and effort coordinating rehearsal times and spaces for practices that will occur outside of normal school hours, which will culminate in a performance for families in the field house. The most exciting thing about this is that my daughter will be able to play a senior solo with the orchestra! I'm sure that it will be the highlight of her senior year, and as a parent, I am so thankful to Mrs. Rupert for making this happen. She is an amazing teacher, a talented musician, a hard worker, and most importantly of all, she cares about her students, and will do everything she can to help them flourish. Mrs. Rupert has been a positive influence on my daughter throughout her 6 years at Robinson, and we will forever be grateful for her.

- a Robinson SS Parent

Nick Calamito

Mr. Calamito is my daughter's English teacher this year (2020-21). Despite the numerous challenges with virtual learning and the pandemic, he has worked hard to form a meaningful connection with his students and help them feel understood during these bizarre times. I absolutely appreciate his genuine care for the students' well-being first. Mr. Calamito is the teacher my daughter needed this year, and I'm grateful!

- a Robinson SS Parent

Jeri Dunphy

I am an elementary ESOL teacher. Several of the students that I work with have siblings who are in middle school. Over this extremely tough school year, there have been multiple occasions when I have reached out to Jeri for guidance. She is a wonderful ESOL teacher at the feeder middle school. I am consistently amazed and touched that Jeri always drops everything to quickly help assist me with every question I ask. Jeri has a heart of gold and goes the extra mile to make sure that our students and their families are supported. She has taught me that it really does take a village to support students and their families. I am forever grateful for Jeri’s positive energy, kindness, and compassion for children

- and FCPS Teacher

Alyssa Gray

My son always says that he hates English. He has difficulty with the subject at times because he is autistic and he can struggle with nuances of language. He hates that, unlike math, there is often not a single right answer. Assignments can seem so subjective and frustrate him. This year he has talked frequently about English. He says that Ms. Gray makes it interesting. He says that because she is also his case manager and knows all about him that he usually isn’t as stressed in her class because she understands his struggles. It’s great for him to have a class to look forward to at the end of the day.

- an FCPS Parent

Dolores Malloy

Ms. Malloy manages my daughter's 504 plan. In the process of renewing her plan, she has been so patient and helpful with me. She asked all the teachers for feedback and offered to help me to reach out to specific teachers. She also provided guidance for course selection. I really appreciate her help! Thank you!

- an FCPS Parent

Jesse Riley

Mr. Riley not only works to build relationships of trust within the school day but follows up after hours with an email or phone call to check in with me and make sure my son’s needs are being met. My son did not want to take this class but says that because Mr. Riley is the teacher it is a good class. When my son feels that teachers truly care about him as a person he is more willing to want to do well and to be in school.

- an FCPS Parent

Steve Snyder

I wrote Mr. Snyder an email regarding my daughter's performance in his class. He called me and discussed the situation with me. I was moved by his understanding of kids with different learning abilities and willingness to help them reach their potentials

- an FCPS Parent

Stephanie Wright

My son would occasionally receive a ram-o-gram from Ms. Wright while school was virtual. He LOVED the recognition and would talk all about what his class had been studying and how he had earned getting the card sent to him. He tried to downplay it because it wasn’t “cool” to care, but he refused to throw them out so they’d sit on the counter forever. When I threatened to get rid of it, he put it up in his room. This little extra connection has helped my son enjoy the class despite COVID craziness.

- an FCPS Parent

Susan Lemery, Robinson SS

She has gone above and beyond the whole year and she has helped me so much. It has had a big impact on my grades and she helps push me and she is the best teacher ever!

-  a Robinson Student

Leah Chang, Robinson SS

"Ms. Chang goes above and beyond to communicate and partner with parents to get the kids through this tough year. Every desperate email I sent this year (about Geometry and other topics) was answered in less than a day with helpful information, kindness and problem-solving."

- a Robinson SS parent

Julia Hiles, Robinson SS

"Mrs. Hiles' class is what gets me out of bed in the mornings of in-person days; not just for me too, other students. She is truly like a mother to all her students and cares so much about each and every one of them. She is quick and eager to respond if one of her students needs help and won't give up until they understand. She has done so well in the concurrent learning environments as well. She is a joyous person and is so fun to learn from."

- a Robinson SS parent

Tracey Phillips, Robinson SS

"I wanted to thank principal Phillips for always going above and beyond to make Robinson a great place for all students"

- a Robinson SS student

Megan Thrift, Robinson SS

"Ms. Thrift goes above and beyond for her students. She spends hours and hours of her time preparing lessons and the classroom to ensure or safety during this pandemic. She has successfully ensured that during concurrent learning, she equally includes both the students in person and online and makes sure to make everyone feel included. She puts our mental health first and has cultivated a welcoming environment for every student she comes across. She remains positive even through the struggles she has faced as a teacher this past year. I am a firm believer that she has to be paid more than she currently is because there is no way she is being fairly compensated for doing the amazing work that she is doing. She is not like any teacher I have ever had, and she has truly positively impacted my life permanently."

- a Robinson SS student

Jamee Lyons, Robinson SS

"Ms. Lyons has looked out for our student in a way that makes starting new in a huge school so much easier. She seems to truly care about our child and our child's academic success and emotional health. Thank you."

- a Robinson SS parent

Ann Wong, Robinson SS

"Ann Wong is amazing! A student at McLean HS needed to take his SAT at Robinson Secondary. His parents had many questions about the school site and wanted to know someone at Robinson was going to be there to support their son. Ann talked to the parents, sent them a map of the school to find his room, and sent follow-up emails to ensure them he was going to do well. She is truly caring of EVERY student in FCPS."

- Ellen Reilly, McLean HS

Chelsea Bruno

“I am so glad I have gotten to work with you this school year. We both came in during such a crazy time, and I appreciate that we've been able to grow and learn in our positions together. You've been such a great resource and a comfort to me knowing I can ask you any crazy question!”

- Becky Rock, Robinson SS

Barb Caley

“Thank you so much for being such a team player! You are always flexible and willing to step in to help out our LSC team, and you make running our meetings possible. Even when you don't personally know a student, you provide such wonderful perspective to our committee and our families.”

-- Becky Rock, Robinson SS

Bryan Harris

“Thank you so much for being such a team player! Your flexibility and willingness to step in when our LSC team needs help are SO appreciated. Your positive communication is such an asset to our process.”

- Becky Rock, Robinson SS

Christyn Levy  

“Thank you so much for working behind the scenes to populate eligibility forms! You make meetings and finalizing paperwork run so much more smoothly.”

- Becky Rock, Robinson SS

Jody McCabe

“Ms. McCabe has always been a mother to her many students. I've had her for two years for film and the moment I met her I knew it'd be an amazing couple of school years to come (and it was). Not only does she care about each and every student as individuals in-class she also does outside of class. For students' birthdays, she brings gifts and sweet notes to their houses with cards. For contest winners, she does the same. For Valentine's Day. The same. She is incredibly knowledgeable in whatever she teaches. Her passion for film and bright personality rubs off on her many film students and has touched their hearts forever.”

- a Robinson SS student

"Ms. McCabe, my sons' teacher for IB film for two years has gone above and beyond, especially during the school closing since last March. She’s been involved, supportive, enthusiastic, and motivating to each and every student. The kids love her and have gained such an appreciation of film and life!"

- a Robinson SS parent

Ana Rosa Tuszka, Robinson SS

"She is always super organized and cares about how her students are learning. She is usually super happy to see us in class."

- a Robinson SS student

Adrienne Forte, Robinson SS

"Mrs. Forte is amazing every day and always finds a way to make us smile! She is our wonderful yearbook teacher and I appreciate her so much! She helps us create what we get at the end of the year, a book of memories! I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her kindness and love she shows to all the students at school!"

 - Robinson SS student

Sofia Panzenhagen

“Thank you so much for all you do for our families! I have had the pleasure to work with you on several local screening cases this year, and every time your name pops up in my inbox I'm excited because your care for students and their families is so evident through your compassion. You are willing to work with teachers, teams, and families to ensure students get the best support.”

- Becky Rock, Robinson SS

Matt Healy, Robinson SS

Thank you for always being there for me and taking a chance with me, even when I wasn't always the easiest person to deal with. You are a great teacher and you truly helped me from 10th grade until now.

- a Robinson SS student

Jessica Mayes, Robinson SS

"Mrs. Mayes is always so nice and I really appreciate how nice she is to me and all my classmates. She makes me happy when I am sad, she makes funny jokes and try's to impress us with her knowledge of video games! She is the best teacher in the world and I would not switch her for anybody."

- a Robinson SS student

William Tucker, Robinson SS

"Mr. Tucker has truly gone above and beyond during the pandemic school year. His commitment to teaching and connecting with his students (and keeping their parents in the loop) has been remarkable. He continues to make sure all students feel included during the new concurrent teaching model. We are so thankful for teachers like Mr. Tucker. His hard work, flexibility, and resilience are inspiring his students to stay engaged and keep on learning."

- a Robinson SS parent

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