Robinson Quiz Bowl Team Captures the State Title!!

By Jessica Csomay
School-wide Spotlight
March 22, 2021

While you might have been enjoying the weather or a morning sleep-in, on Saturday, March 20th, 2021, our scholastic bowl was again wondering . . . . .“To buzz or not to buzz”.

However, this was NOT a question at all for the team members, Ethan Fisk (11), Thomas Glotfelty(9), Erik Huisman (9), Jimmy Orefice (Captain, Senior) and Bridget Sheridan (11), today as they competed in the 2021 Scholastic Bowl State Championship.  The team hit that digital buzzer time after time to be undefeated against their opponents Champe, Langley and Western Branch. This has been a trying year for all of us but one thing is for sure, these young men and woman are in fact RESILIENT, EMPATHETIC, ACCOUNTABLE, INNOVATIVE and show INTEGRITY. True RAMS!! Virtual claps ALL AROUND!!!

It has been an honor to be their coach this year but I would be amiss if I did not send a shout-out to their former coach, who was in this position for 15 years, Michael Campana. Your presence has been missed but I know you still root for them and send all the winning vibes! Also, thank you to Kristie Browne, who stepped in as the scholastic bowl coach last year. I know you are cheering from afar as well.

I am SOOO PROUD of the team and look forward to, hopefully, being able to celebrate these amazing students in-person and getting a REAL picture with the trophy.  Until then, a screenshot or two will have to do 😊 Look at those SMILES!


In happiness and gratitude,

Jessica B. Csomay

7th Grade Life Science Teacher

Robinson Secondary School