Radical Rams

School-wide Spotlight
October 02, 2019


Robert – Accountability – 9th grade

Robert believes his strongest value is accountability because his friends and family can always count on him. Robert was observed clearing the tables in the cafeteria after lunch. His teacher mentor is Mr. Calamito because he has taught him a lot of important life lessons.



Pierce  – Empathy – 11th grade

Pierce believes empathy is important because everyone should feel like their understood and heard. Everyone should have the opportunity to be included and happy. Pierce was observed regularly going above and beyond to help another student in personal fitness. His teacher mentor is Mr. Cross because Pierce can always go to him for support.



Furkan – Resilience – 8th Grade

Furkan shows resilience when he is faced with obstacles. He believes it is important to be resilient because if something bad happens to him, he knows he can continue to push through and keep going. Furkan would like to recognize Mrs. Barnes as his teacher mentor.


Ellie – Innovation -12th  Ellie demonstrated innovation by starting a new initiative in senior chill asking seniors what they want their legacy at Robinson to be. She believes having new and creative ideas allows you to build and maintain a strong community. Ellie would like to recognize Ms. Leydon as her teacher mentor.  




Thomas – Integrity – 9th

Thomas believes it is important to have integrity because it keeps trust between him and his teachers and friends. He demonstrates integrity by taking responsibility for his actions. Thomas would like to recognize Ms. Leydon, Ms. Peterson, and Ms. Whitwell as his teacher mentors.