Radical Rams

By Nathan Poumade
School-wide Spotlight
December 12, 2019
student RR

Peyton is a junior nominated by Ms. Leydon for ACCOUNTABILITY.

Peyton believes it is important to take responsibility and pride in everything she does. Being accountable helps people and communities improve. Peyton looks to Ms. Leydon and Ms. Peterson as her Ram Mentors because they have always been supportive both inside and outside of the classroom.



Humira is a junior nominated by Ms. Wolfe for RESILIENCE.

Humira asked for help when she needed it, and worked very hard on a specific assignment that she never gave up on, even though she wanted to give up. She continuously thinks positively in order to achieve her goals. Humira looks to Ms. Miller as her Ram Mentor because she is always helpful and supportive. 



Harith is a senior that was nominated by Taylor Nelson for demonstrating EMPATHY.  

Harith has learned from his past experiences and uses those to help others. He believes empathy is important because if someone truly wants to help others, then they need to understand what they are going through. Harith tries to help others like his friends and family helped him. Harith looks to Ms. Nelson as his Ram Mentor because she has always supported him and he can trust her with anything.


Sahar is a seventh grader that was nominated by Jamee Lyons for demonstrating INTEGRITY.

Sahar always does the right thing no matter who is around. She believes integrity is important because no one should ever feel left out and everyone should feel loved and respected. Sahar looks to Ms. Whitwell as her Ram Mentor because she is always kind and respectful.


Miles is a freshman that was nominated by Meaghan Fry for demonstrating INNOVATION.

 Miles was inspired by a lab he completed in class, and he came up with a continuing activity to follow up the lab, which he led for the class. Miles believes innovation is important because it makes something ordinary better and creative, and it sparks a love for what you made out of the ordinary. Miles looks to Ms. McCoy as his Ram Mentor because she always helps him get through difficult situations.