National Merit Recognition

High School Spotlight
October 12, 2018

national-merit-recognitionRobinson Secondary School has 3 National Merit Semifinalists.  Semifinalists represent the top one percent of PSAT/NMSQT scorers in the nation and have an opportunity to compete for a Merit Scholarship this year.  Our 19  Commended students placed in the top 50,000 among the 1.6 million test-takers in the nation and our 4 NHRP Scholars scored in the top 2.5% among all Hispanic and Latino test-takers in our region.  Please congratulate the following students.

National Merit Semifinalist

Jisoo Park

Madeleine P. Taft

Joseph Tirre

National Merit Commended

Joan Y. Cho

Bryan J. Chong

Daniel L. Disano

Zachary J. Dube

Laurel E. Fredericks

national-merit-recognitionEthan C. Grundvig

Lucas K. Hauser

Rachana M. John

Zahni M. Khin

Charles M. Lane

Thomas Mehaffey

Jessica Pham

Laura S. Reichert

Isabella G. Salinas

John J. Shim

Maggie S. Soderborg

national-merit-recognitionAndrew Strasberg

Megan Sullivan

Connor C. Wyman


National Hispanic Recognition Program

Laurel E. Fredericks

Isabella G. Salinas

Carmen Worley

Serena Utech