IB Film Study | Film Festival May 24th

By Lindsay Fitzgerald
High School Spotlight
May 09, 2018

IB Film Study is a two year course offered at Robinson, which involves the study of a wide variety of films, film theory, and production exercises in filmmaking. In IB Film, students can expect to learn to think like a filmmaker, act like a filmmaker, plan like a filmmaker, and see film through a filmmaker’s eyes. The course concludes with the opportunity to showcase your own film on a movie theatre big screen, and compete in local and state wide film festivals! This year IB Film will host its 7th annual Film Festival at University Mall Theatre on Thursday, May 24th. The senior showcase will premiere ten different short films. Please email Mrs. Fitzgerald at lefitzgerald@fcps.edu for more details.

Here are a few of the student films:

“Alone Time”- Seniors Nicole Gregorits and Charlie Harvey (“Best of the Fest” 1st Prize winner and Best Experimental winner at the Mount Vernon Film Festival)

Plot summary: A dancer who is struggling financially realizes she is alone on a train.

“Good Vibrations”- Seniors Tess Mahon-Kuzin, Rachel Bloedorn, and Leah Buxbaum

Plot summary: Two people’s lives collide in an elevator with a deafening denouement.

“Clink”- Seniors Molly Gould and Saki Martin (Currently nominated for Best Narrative for the upcoming Marshall High School Film Festival)

Plot summary: A young man, Sam, is burdened by an affliction due to a childhood trauma. This short follows him through life and love and he struggles with his affliction.

“The Extreme Path”- Seniors Adam Metwally, Quang Nguyen, Rai Rocca Aragones

Plot summary: The story warns about the coming dangers of becoming overcome by wrath and anger when the Godfather, Frank, comes to drift from his mafia affiliates and they come looking for revenge.

“And Suddenly!”- Seniors James Burford (VHSL nominee for Best Animation)

Plot summary: And Suddenly! follows the story of a boy who finds out that he is the only person who can die in a world full of immortals and the nightmares, memories, and visions that follow. He has a huge decision to make.