German Team Recognized with Award

By Karen Miller
School-wide Spotlight
November 21, 2019

a-picture-of-our-german-teachersOur principal, Ms. Tracey Phillips, recently received a letter from the German American Partnership Program notifying her of an award given to our German teachers.  Ms. Massey, Ms. Ostermann-Healey and Ms. Laemmerzahl make up our German team. 

The German program at Robinson Secondary School was recognized because our students are among the 400,000 GAPP alumni who have built bridges of friendship and understanding across cultures.  Our German program hosts exchange students every Autumn and Robinson students travel to Germany every summer.  Our German teachers have been instrumental in maintaining these relationships, where students can practice the second languages they are learning as well as foster international friendships by immersing themselves in another culture.

While visiting each other, students spend time with host families as well as participate in each other's school day.  Our German department is helping to develop Global Citizenship by broadening our students' perspectives. 

In acknowledgement for their hard work and dedication, our German Teachers received a commemorative plaque to be displayed at Robinson Secondary School.


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