FCPS Cares Nominees

By Karen Miller
School-wide Spotlight
December 14, 2020

FCPS Cares...

is an Employee Recognition Program.  Robinson recently had many teachers nominated for this recognition.  Thanks for all you do for our students!  Please enjoy these  words of recognition below.

Alexi Small

Mrs. Small is one of the most caring, patient, and smart teachers I know. She always sets up elaborate lesson plans even though school is virtual. She works hard on each one of the google slide shows putting quotes, fun question, and cool math problems, she is wonderful with using technology in our lessons. Mrs. Small is so sweet she always brightens my day(which is really helpful during COVID) and is very positive even if the situation is grim. I have always enjoyed math but when she is teaching time seems to fly by because it does not feel like math it feels like a puzzle! I have nominated Mrs. Small for this award because she is caring, sweet, positive and a wonderful teacher even in this challenging environment. Thank you so much, Mrs. Small.

Meaghan Fry

Ms. Fry is a really sweet teacher. If there is something or someone needs something she is there when you need her.                                                                                                                                                                          

Emma Lawson

On the day of a unit test, Mrs. Lawson explained how we were going to take it. I thought I understood, but accidentally went to the wrong platform and did not see our test posted. She was very understanding and emailed me another copy of the test for me to complete. She even gave me extra time so that I would not feel stressed and make silly mistakes. The whole time she was smiling and making sure that I understood what I was going to do. Thank you!

Evyenia Goodrick

Ms. Goodrick has been a really supportive and understanding teacher during the time of the pandemic. She makes sure that no one is stressed and does her best to make our workload not overwhelming.

Faith Angove

Ms. Angove comes up with the best hands-on things like spheres.


Juliana Stroup

In every class, she is always so positive and works so hard to make sure all of her students understand. She is so nice and I feel so comfortable with her even though I have never met her in person.


This information is posted on the December 2020 FCPS CARES webpage, accessible at https://www.fcps.edu/blog/fcps-cares-december-2020.

Thank you for your excellent service to FCPS and best wishes for continued success.