16 Cappies Award Nominations

Rambunctious Theatre | Mary Poppins

By Maddie Marshall
Fine & Performing Arts
May 13, 2019

2019 Rambunctious Theatre Company Cappies Award Nominations

dancing-park-statue-in-mary-poppinsMarketing and Publicity: Khuyen Dinh, Harry Glicklin, Nikki Werthmann

Special Effects and Technology: Zachary Foley, Matthew Bugeaud, Troy Fry, Chris Lin

Hair and Makeup: Elsa Fry, Ellie Monnig

Sound- Lauren Gillies, Tori Layton, Eric Becker, Ramzi McFarland

Props- Valeria Ortiz, Chris Lin

Lighting- Jason Eisen, Johnathan Breaux

Costumes- Ana Fry, Claire Letzkus, Danait Haddish, Sterling Niemann

Choreography- Isabelle Guzzano, Maria Gleason, Kirsten Taylor

Creativity- Ivy Mitchell, Zachary Foley

Stage Management- Riley Petersen, Haven Townsend, Katie Valencia, Tyler Layton

Ensemble in a Musical- The Chimney Sweeps

Male Dancer- Steven Eckloff

Supporting Actress in a Musical- Claire Burton

Lead Actress in a Musical- Anna Maria Shockey

Song- Step in Time

Best Musical- Mary Poppins