IB MYP Program

By Amy Riddick | IB MYP Coordinator
School-wide Spotlight
December 04, 2019

IB MYP is a School-wide Effort

Did you know that we have more than 200 staff members supervising MYP Personal Projects this year, for nearly 650 10th grade students?  We couldn’t accomplish this goal without our supervisors!  Our Leadership appreciates teachers' guidance and patience with our students as they learn how to plan and implement a project of this size.  Progress sometimes seems slow, but our students will get there!  See the pictures below, from last year's showcase, for some of the student accomplishments.  Students presented documentaries to puppets to research to a homemade Just Dance program.

We also want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to all of the English 10 teachers!  Although this is not an English project, these teachers have taken on the task of providing Personal Project lessons during every Learning Seminar.  Undertaking the Personal Project would not be possible without their time and efforts!