FAQs about the FCPS IB MYP Certificate

FAQs Regarding the FCPS IB MYP Certificate

What is the FCPS IB MYP Certificate?

While all students in grades 7 through 10 participate in the IB Middle Years Program (MYP), some students chose to challenge themselves by pursuing the FCPS IB Middle Years Program Certificate.  Students that meet specific criteria can apply for the certificate in the spring of their tenth grade year.

What are the requirements to earn the certificate?

To be eligible for the FCPS IB MYP Certificate, a student must:

  • Complete at least two world language courses in grades 9 and 10, including English development courses for English Learners. (Two years of the same language will meet the requirement.)

  • Perform successfully on assessments in all IB MYP subjects during 10th grade (completed as part of the curriculum in the six required subjects: English, World Language, Social Studies, Science, Math and PE).

  • Complete a minimum of six service-learning (community service) reflections (three during 9th grade and three during 10th grade). Community service completed during the summer before 9th will count for 9th grade, and service completed during the summer before 10th will count for 10th grade. [Note: for summer 2021, rising 10th graders can count service performed the summer after 9th grade toward 9th grade hours.]

  • Successfully complete a Personal Project on time, including all three components: process journal, product, and report.

What are the service-learning requirements?

Service-learning (community service) is an important part of the MYP experience.  In order to qualify for the IB MYP Certificate, students must complete three significant reflections during both 9th and 10th grade (total of six) using x2vol.   

How is the IB MYP Certificate related to the IB Diploma Program?

Applying for the IB MYP certificate is not required, and does not impact the ability to take IB Diploma Program courses in grades 11-12 or the ability to earn the IB Diploma.  Earning the certificate is a nice addition to resumes for college and work applications, and the skills learned while completing the requirements certainly help to prepare students for the rigor of IB Diploma Program courses. 

How does my 10th grade student apply for the certificate?

For the Class of 2025, the application for the MYP Certificate will be available in the spring of 2023.

Where can I find more information about the certificate?

More information about the certificate can be found on FCPS Middle Years Program site.  Find general information about the IB MYP at Robinson on our website Please contact Kristin Webster, Robinson's IB MYP Coordinator with questions.


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