High School Clubs List

Club Name Club Sponsor Email Address Schoology Code Location of Club (Room #)
Amnesty International club Ashley Weldon [email protected] S9WQ-ZD9D-H7FQD B209
Anime Club Viktoria Jankowski [email protected] PH7V-J3S9-N9P7G E208
Asian Student Association Jennifer Stark; Bethany Harris [email protected]; [email protected] RHSV-VX5G-F4GKB Recital Hall
Cancer Helping Club Ronald Miller [email protected] GQKG-TF56-9VCMJ T621
Carousel : Literary Arts Magazine Jessica Mayes [email protected] G9PN-4SWN-99SBF E219
Chess Club Marvin Sim [email protected] TBVP-JHKQ-T9WZZ M3
Chinese Culture Club Angie Chang, Cindy Gagnon [email protected]; [email protected] MBSB-S2P3-G7RTF D212
Classics (Latin) Club Elizabeth Campbell; Richard Saltz [email protected]; [email protected] DBQF-P92P-JW3J6 D205 or D210
College Partnership Club Jason Woehrmyer [email protected] QS9W-XXCF-GN46W Recital Hall
Computer Science Club Don Malkowski [email protected] BJ7G-CBX2-3W4MV E214
Dance Team Molly Baldovin [email protected] V9R5-9T29-HQ872 Gold Cafeteria
DECA Angie Rogers [email protected] 325F-2C4S-CV7C4 E220
E-Sports Club Daniel Ramirez-Gaston [email protected] Q3R4-GHH3-HJXTB T610
Environmental Club Bradley Webster [email protected] CZD9-9BM3-N8H9J E106A
Female Student Union Taylor Nelson [email protected] G5DR-FH37-RHVT3 SS9
French Club Hanane Cherkaoui [email protected] CR3G-Q47D-3QRCZ D pod
Future Business Leaders of America Rebekah Glasbrenner [email protected] C243-4FVJ-BDX6T E212 or Recital
Gay Straight Alliance Elizabeth Campbell [email protected] SJDW-QQK8-Z69ZN D210
German Club Emily Massey; Carolyn Ostermann-Healey [email protected]; [email protected] K7SP-MKMC-SWRKD D213
Helping Hands Karen Hemmerdinger [email protected] FPNG-CM6Q-Z8F7N A102
High School Journalism Club Chris Moore [email protected] PRDF-SHRP-DN2Q7 B226
HS Ceramics Club (ART) Michael Corigliano [email protected] T59Z-KK42-3M32F E104
HS Improv Club Samantha Daynes [email protected] 88BZ-B4V6-TRTF9 Black Box
It's Academic Robinson Scholastic High School Bowl Team Sandra Glotfelty; Michael Campana [email protected]; [email protected] 7GWF-VKTR-WPQ9B C212
Jewish Culture Club Karen Hemmerdinger [email protected] N9KR-9N58-FW4F3 A102
Key/Keyettes Heather Burgess [email protected] H4MR-R5VK-X5Z6M 505
Korean Culture Marvin Sim [email protected] 3KMB-M7H6-8X2VB M3
Latin American Student Association Ruth Azimi; Cindy Gagnon [email protected]; [email protected] J9TD-S75K-GJN9H D-205
Meteorology Club Kristen Marker [email protected] MKRT-9N4T-ZW3QM E106B
Mock Trial Peter Brown [email protected] 55MF-Q84Q-FVR6M B206
Model United Nations Jennifer M Lyons-Montgomery [email protected] 55SG-9QD5-6X5RM B211
Muslim Student Association Mary Kay Murphy [email protected] GXWN-DSGS-MK4V3 C100
Partners Club Paul Arena; Dani Smith [email protected]; [email protected] 77XQ-TFGR-QQXX5 503
Psychology Club Wendy Singerman [email protected] TGKB-GWCF-4QSJ3 D209
Operation Rise Barrett Airaghi [email protected] VPQT-59NJ-ZRF5G E101
Rambassador's Club Holi Selman [email protected] 9V9N-6996-SKNWK  
Rams Against Hunger Pam Carpenter [email protected] F8B4-VV6W-73ZQD M6
Rams' Minds Matter Christyn Levy; Lia Mavridou [email protected]; [email protected] J47X-SD43-8WQJ7 Calm Cafe
READ (Representation in English Allows for Dialogue) Club Joyce Kang [email protected] FXCN-5RG4-55HVV C211 or Library
Red Cross Club Jordan Basenback [email protected] DQ3B-22ZT-9GGCR C115
Robinson Black Student Union Francesca Knight [email protected] V2BX-M37P-QT474 Blue Cafeteria
Robinson Christian Fellowship Jill Mahoney; Ana Gonzalez [email protected]; [email protected] GXR9-J7WV-SQ8VW C105
Robinson Garden Club Megan Dygve [email protected] 9H8X-GPPB-P9FCC E102B
Robinson HS Book Club Kim Reakes Smith [email protected] QQT7-RTPZ-M4KVK Library
Science Olympiad Juliana Stroup; Doug Gross [email protected]; [email protected] NJCT-KBDS-CPDMB C205
South Asian Club WIll Crawford [email protected] KGFV-G62Z-5WC9R C110
Speech and Debate Team Alison Wolfe; Emilia Gillevet [email protected]; [email protected] RMKK-397D-F3MVW B205
Student Equity Organization Kelly Kavanaugh; Ashley Weldon; Jessica Csomay [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] V6HZ-3SKF-DVRCG C207 or B209
Technology Student Association Amy Krellwitz [email protected] N8J4-3HFQ-C2XFJ E100
Vietnamese Student Association Katherine Main [email protected] QDT5-MTPQ-6T9ZB C108
Young Conservatives Joseph Patton [email protected] PKNH-NKDJ-M4D94 A121