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Auto Tech | Appointments available starting in January. Contact Paul Thompson | @email or stop by Auto Tech E105

Car Repairs

Did you know we have our very own Auto Shop here at Robinson that can work on your car while your teaching.

Auto Shop will do the following: All services are $25 labor plus parts except for oil changes


Oil Change/filter

Brakes $25 labor plus parts

Tune up $25 plus parts

Alignment $25

Battery changes $25 plus battery

Vehicle Checkup – No Charge

Computer Engineering Club 

Don Malkowski | @email

Environmental Club

Bradley Webster | @email

Gardening Club

Megan Dygve | @email

Good Morning Robinson

Chris Moore | @email

Course Description:

Good Morning Robinson is the morning news program created by student journalists enrolled in the broadcast journalism class. Students work with groups throughout the school to plan the show, write scripts for anchors, create videos, and edit video into a polished broadcast. Students use professional video, audio and editing equipment.

Operation Rise


Rocketry Club

Barrett Airaghi /

VA STAR: Computer Engineering and Refurbishing

Karen Miller| @email

Anthony Portare | @email

Club Description

Due to covid concerns, this club is on hold for the time being. VA Star is a computer refurbishing club open to both high school and middle school students.  In Robinson’s VA Star program, nearly 20 refurbished computers were donated to needy families in our local area in our inaugural year, 2017-18.  VA Star exists in multiple schools across the commonwealth of Virginia. Club members refurbish computers donated from corporations to the non-profit organization VAStar.  Find out more information about the work done in VA Star at their website