Games/ Competitions

Board Game Club

Sponsor:Doug Gross |

Dance Team

Emma Lawson | @email


Alison Wolfe | @email 

Club Description:

Robinson’s Speech and Debate Team is an academic, competitive public speaking team of high school students that compete in a variety of events from legislative debate to reading children stories. Even though our team actively participates in regular tournaments, our main goal as a team is to help students improve their speaking and critical-thinking abilities through interactive presentations and activities.

Rams' Rollers 

This club involves Dungeons and Dragons and other role playing games. The club meets Mondays in C105.

Austin Walter |

 E-Sports Club

JonSkocik |

Esports club is a for competitive video game players. If you’re interested in competition in games like League of Legends, Rocket League or Overwatch join up today! Practices are held on Wednesdays at The Cave – University Mall, and monthly meetings will be held every first Wednesday of the month.

It's Academic

Jessica Csomay | @email

Club Description:

Quizbowl is a game in which two teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of academic and general knowledge. The Robinson “It’s Academic” Quizbowl Team is a fun, competitive, academic, interscholastic activity for which players attend regular practices and then represent the school at a variety of tournaments which may be local, regional, or national in scope.

Partners Club

Paul Arena |

Club Description:

Partners Club enables students with and without special needs to dismantle social barriers by providing a fun and safe environment for afterschool social activities. This student run club holds monthly meetings, dances, movie nights, etc.

Science Olympiad

Juliana Stroup |

Doug Gross | @email

Club Description:

The Robinson Science Olympiad Team is an academic team which focuses on competing in 23 different science, design and engineering events. All students may apply for membership, while only some compete at all levels.