International and Religious Clubs

American Sign Language:

Eileen Ladino |

Club Description:

The ASL Club is a place to gather and learn some American Sign Langauge, a bit about Deaf culture and a place to make new friends with the same interest.

Classics (Latin) Club

Elizabeth Campbell | @email

Richard Saltz |

Club Description:

The Classics Club explores the cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Activities include (but are not limited to): make your own toga, toga bowling, Greek dancing, cultural re-enactments, watching movies inspired by the classical world, and visits to museums or the theater. The Club is open to all students.

French Club

Hanane Cherkaoui | @email

Club Description:

French club is open to all French students. We explore Francophone culture through food, music, games and other activities.

Gay & Straight Alliance (GSA)

Elizabeth Campbell | @email

Club Description:

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a club that provides a place for everyone to be themselves and make new friends. Learn about issues affecting the LGBTQ community and work together to make a difference.

German Club

Emily Massey | @email

Carolyn Osterman-Healy | @email

Club Description:

A club open to any student interested in learning more about German cultural events. We have yearly events, like Oktoberfest, a Gingerbread House making contest, etc.

Jewish Culture Club

Carrie Garvey |

Latin American Student Assoc | 

Ruth Azimi |

Michelle Hanus |

Minority Students of Robinson

Jennifer Jennings|

Club Description:

Minority Students of Robinson organization exists to engage students from diverse groups in activities about educational scholarships, ways to participate in community service and how to network during social occasions. MSR activities include: Winter Holiday Social, The Black History Month Knowledge Bowl, hosting a Talent Hunt, weekly Pizza Sales and Scholarship Awards.

Muslim Student Association 

Mary Kay Murphy | @email

MSA is a safe place for Muslims and non-Muslims to talk about issues that affect the Muslim community and educate people about Islam. MSA also plans to help our community through fundraisers and charity events. 

Rams' Minds Matter 

Club Description:

Club activities are designed to make a positive impact on our school culture and awareness of mental wellness for students. 

Jennifer Fulton | @email

Christyn Levy | @email

Robinson Black Student Union

Tiffany Jones | | Doreen Boateng @email | Francesca Knight @email

Robinson Christian Fellowship

Haley Crissman | @email

Club Description:

Provide a welcoming, non-threatening environment for students to meet and explore/grow in their Christian faith. Some activities include: Dunkin Devotionals, after school meetings; service projects for school and community; and leadership meetings after school.

Young Asian Leaders of America