Student Voice: Hear From a Robinson SS Student

June 07, 2020

FCPS asked students to share their stories of resilience, which is the process of adapting well to life’s tough challenges. Isabella, from Robinson SS, put together the following words and photos.

Over this pandemic and being stuck in quarantine I have learned through my mom, who is a parent liaison for FCPS, that some families don't have a device for their student to connect to the online platforms. I thought I could change that, so I decided to contact family and friends and make them aware of the situation. I asked them to help me spread the word and collect donations to set up kits for these students.

Each kit consists of a tablet along with a case and a pair of headphones. I've been coordinating with the parent liaisons to identify the students in need and distributing the tablets directly to the students after setting them up with all the FCPS platforms they need (SIS, G Suite, Blackboard, their school website, and the school's technology resources page). We also download the Myon, Dreambox, and ImagineLearning apps that are essential for their learning.

In addition, I connected this initiative with my personal passion, soccer. I have been playing soccer for as long as I can remember and I love it with all my heart. I’m a believer that we all need a healthy mind and healthy body. Therefore, in addition to the technology kits, I am giving each student a soccer ball along with a few videos to train with to encourage them to stay active while learning as well. Currently I'm trying to use social media to spread the word and be able to help more students Score4Education.


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