Counselor Appreciation Week

Always willing to lend a helping hand...

By Karen Miller, Carleigh Peterson, Shelby Whitwell & MS and HS SGA
Student Services
February 04, 2021

Our High School SGA, led by Ms. Peterson and Ms. Leydon, shared their thanks and appreciation for our counselors by creating a Google Site.  Here are some of the highlights of the site written by our high school SGA Students.  

High School Counselors

Ms. Acheampong, Thank you for always being there and helping us navigate through confusing times. Your guidance, advice, and dedication is recognized and appreciated by the Robinson community and myself. 

Mrs. Panzenhagen, Thank you so much for all your help with my classes and your wonderful advice this year!! Thanks for guiding me and all of your students through these challenging times. I know this year in unlike any other but I appreciate your hard work and effort in being there for us.

Mr. Gomperts is always so friendly and helpful when it comes to academic advising. Thank you for being there for your students through these difficult times!  College is hard and rocky but you made that a TON easier! Thanks for everything!!

Thank you so so much for helping me out last year with picking classes as well as talking to me when I needed help. I liked the useful advice you gave me last year because it really helped me a lot. Thanks again, Mr. Woehrmyer, for all that you do!

Hey, Mr. Ramirez!! Thank you for making my college application process so easy! You are always on top of things and I know you are there for all of your students. I hope to get to meet you in person someday!

Being new to Robinson was weird and rocky, Ms. Murphy made being new a lot easier and I cannot thank you enough for that!

Thank you so much Ms. Slizoski for all of your hard work you do during this crazy time, it does not go unnoticed! Hope everything is going well with you! Thank you for being a dope and kind counselor! 

Thank you for helping me over these past few years! You are so kind and have such a bright personality! You are one of the best counselors I've had over the years and always so welcoming.  I can’t wait to see you again.  Thank you again, Ms. Nelson!

Ms. Oakley! This school year has been super weird and rocky, especially since we can't exactly do things normally, thanks for working through everything with me! You help so many students and we appreciate the passion you have for your students.

I want to thank Mrs. Jones for all the hard work she has done for her students. She is very nice and helpful in any situation.  Thank you for always helping me out when I need it and being so positive:) It does not go un-noticed.  Thank you for everything that you do Mrs. Jones! 

Social Workers

Ms Licciardo, We appreciate your eagerness to help the students at Robinson! The addition you bring to Robinson is amazing and makes an impact! This year has been rough and with all your help, I've been doing a lot better. Thanks so much! Thank you so much for your work and persistence to allow students in the Robinson community to have an amazing school year. Your dedication and commitment especially during this unique situation are beyond appreciated!!

You have been there for me so many times to turn hard situations around! I could never thank you enough and I’m so grateful for everything you do!!!!

Ms. Levy, 

Thank you for being there for the students in our school, being open to help, and helping resolve any issues we have to deal with. Your hard work and dedication to Robinson are not overlooked! Thanks for being a great help around our school! It's been a tough year and you've made it so much easier thank you! You are doing so much for everyone during this odd time. Without you, our school would be the same! 

Middle School Counselors

Our Middle School Students collaborated on a shared Google Slide Deck and shared their thoughts about the MS Counseling Team.  Please take a moment to view their work below.  Both our MS and HS students are being resilient communicators.  We are proud of the work they accomplished working from a distance.

Middle School Counselor Slide Deck

Robinson Strong, No Matter the Distance

Go Rams!