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BTSN night - Rampage says the 13th, no time provided, virtual or in person? Here Comes The Bus App POC - can't reset password (error message - school district disabled this functionality), is this app even functional at all then? School picture day - already past and we missed it, what notification went out to parents? How will we be notified for make-up day? Laptops - why aren't covers and mouse being provided this year? It's easier for Jonathan to use a mouse instead of a keypad, and a cover keeps the mouse and power cord altogether. 1- BTSN is virtual. Videos are available on the Robinson website 2- You would need to reach out to transportation regarding Here Comes the Bus APP. Robinson does not have any information surrounding that app. 3- Picture day was announced through weekly newsletters and on the website. Make ups are on October 14 and 15. 4- FCPS has never provided a mouse. Initially we provided each student with a cover. That funding comes from the school account and we cannot afford to buy new covers each school year. September 8-14
How do kids get involved in after school activities like debate? Where do you find out info for clubs? Scott Wilson is the Assistant Director of Student Activities for clubs. Your student can see him during the day. There is also a touch screen television in the main hallway with information surrounding clubs. They can see what is available, who the sponsor is, etc. September 8-14
Why are 7th graders not allowed to use the bathroom during lunch? While there is QR code to scan to leave the lunch monitors still do not allow them to go. Students are allowed to use the bathroom during lunches; administrators and/or security staff are at the doors by the bathrooms and students are able to ask them in order to leave the cafeteria during lunch September 8-14
Please explain the intention behind the 15 minute passing period. When can kids start RAISE? What is the hold-up? Without late buses it has been difficult to access teachers for help. Who and how is deciding Advisory content? What started as interaction and ice breakers seems like phone/free time now. The School Board mandated a 15-minute brain break be built into the school day for our middle school students; as a secondary school we built that in for all of our grade levels; all passing times between classes are 7 minutes with the exception of after 1st and 2nd periods (9:28-9:43). Our school team led by our Social Emotional Learning Coordinator determines the content of Advisory based on direction from the county. This time is used for county-based SEL learning as well as school-based lessons/activities including but not limited to student rights and responsibilities, Ram Values, digital citizenship, testing information, school assemblies. September 8-14
Is there a change in security personal or policy at Robinson? How can parents and community help support Robo? Volunteers? Robo decided Our security staff has remained the same. We are very limited on visitors due to COVID restrictions. We would encourage all parents to join the PTSO and attend their monthly meetings for opportunities to help support Robinson. September 8-14
A recent FCPS school email recommended against using surgical masks. Isn't this outdated? Surgical masks are in plentiful supply now, and are more effective against Delta than cloth masks. We have not seen that guidance. Our students are staff are consistently wearing masks- we have not given guidance at the school level on what type of masks people wear. September 8-14
Can Robinson made decisions how best to ESSR funding? How did our school do in SOL testing results compared to prior years? Who is the COVID contact person at Robinson? FCPS is still determining how ESSR funds will be spent. SOL testing results were significantly lower at Robinson and across the county. We do not have a COVID contact person. We are working to fill the position of COVID Case Manager. September 8-14
I wanted to drop off an item for my child at around 815am (there was a laptop mix-up with my other child) and was told that I am not allowed to do that. What is the rationale behind that rule? Are there any exceptions to that rule? We have approximately 3600 students and we cannot facilitate delivering items to students. We do not have the staff to accommodate the deliveries. We have made exceptions if it something they must have to function during the school day (i.e. glasses). September 8-14
Will homecoming, spirit week, pep rallys etc. look different/be outside. Can volunteers help? Most of the homecoming activities are outside. SGA has organized staff to supervise the homecoming events. September 8-14
Thank you for adding the picnic tables. There 4,00 kids at Robinson. When will be you be adding more picnic tables? my child tells me many times these are full. We currently have 60 tables. We have purchased them using local school funds. They are expensive so we have been buying them in stages. We do not have plans to add more tables at this time. September 8-14
Will there be outdoor lunch options during Winter? How will the kids be safe during bad weather during lunch? We will provide outdoor eating as long as students want to eat outside. We are also working on additional indoor spaces so that students can spread out. September 8-14
Hi! I submitted the locker request form for my son, how will we be notified of locker assignment? and when will they start being able to use them? Lockers are currently being assigned to those who requested them. Lockers should be available for use by Monday, September 20. Students can access their locker combination and locker number in Student VUE. September 8-14
When is the homecoming dance? How do we pay? Saturday, September 25 is the dance. It will be held outside under a tent. Tickets can be purchased through MySchoolBucks. September 8-14
Are middle and high school students currently allowed to go to their teachers' classrooms to ask for help during RAISE? My daughter, her friends, and students in the neighborhood are under the impression they cannot go see any of their teachers for help during RAISE. If they are not allowed to use RAISE to get help in-person, can the join their teacher's Zoom link through Schoology? They are missing out on time to get help from teachers, and I'm seeing that it's hurting my daughter's learning. She can't get extra help from her math teacher during RAISE, and it's already showing in her understanding of the math concepts and her quiz scores. She's 1% away from a C, and it's only the 4th week of school.

9/23 UPDATE – In-person RAISE will be on Monday, Sept.27.  Teachers will be showing the updated RAISE procedures video to all students during Advisory (period 4) on Thurs, 9/23 so they understand the specific guidelines to be followed.

September 23

When/where can we buy this year's school pictures (underclass, not senior pictures)?

There is a link in RamPage and RamBlast for families to click on: Student images from picture day are now available online. Any student who has not had a chance to order, it’s not too late! Please visit: use your student ID when prompted for the online code. For questions regarding school pictures please email: @email September 15 - October 12

How do kids get involved in after school activities? Where do you find out info for clubs?


MS After School Activities Information can be found on the Grade 7 and 8 Schoology Group sites. Announcements are posted on the stream and the quarter schedule and club list with descriptions in the MS Club & Activity folder located in the Resources tab. Meeting locations are posted in the Schoology calendar. Students are welcome to join clubs at any time and use the After School Sign-up form for each meeting day to sign-up for activities scheduled on our late bus days, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This form is posted on Schoology and opens during the break at 9:30am. A select number of activities require registration due to program design and these forms are posted in the Resources tab. These activities and those scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays do not require use of the sign-up form as students simply report to the activity location. Program information is also posted on the school website:… School Contact: Mary Aunon is our MS After School Specialist ([email protected]).

Information regarding HS Activities can be found on the school website:… Students can click on various links to find out club info as well as sponsor info. With the transition to Schoology, each club has their own specific Schoology Group that students are added to for club information, announcements, and all meeting dates on the calendar for that club. Students need to reach out to the faculty sponsor in order to be invited to join the Schoology group. Students should also watch the morning video programs (HS – Good Morning Robinson; MS – RAM-TV) shown at the start of 2nd period every Gold day for club announcements. Scott Wilson is the HS Activities point of contact ([email protected]).

November 16
How does FCPS guarantee our children's safety toward coronavirus? At lunchtime, all the kids are taking their masks off, how is the school going to stop the spread of virus at lunchtime? Per the 1/9 communication from the county, we are doing our best to adhere to the guidelines , adopting guidance from the CDC; please reference the most updated FCPS Health & Safety Guidance January 9
How can a new transfer student be admitted into the school? How long does the admission normally take after having the immunizations and paperwork? Provided by HS Student Services: Registering families within the school boundaries may attend until graduation or change in circumstance. Once required documentation is provided during the registration appointment with the school, a start date is determined. This can be as early as 24 hours after the time of appointment. If you have questions regarding applying for a transfer or registering for school, please contact Student Services. January 24
If a student was opted out of the Social Emotional Screener (SEL) in the Fall, so we need to resubmit a new form for the Spring SEL that was just announced? no need to re-opt out; original opt-out still applies February 2
When is Senior Graduation this year? Where is it being held? Will it be a Robinson school day off for all other non-Seniors? Graduation is at Eagle Bank Arena (GMU) on June 2 at 9:30 a.m.; Senior families received information from SS12 Administrator Scot Turner last month. All seniors will hear updates at the class meeting held during school on April 12.  Please see our Senior Class Page.