Mental Health Wellness Screening Details

September 14, 2018

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Results of the 2016-2017 Fairfax County Public Schools Youth Survey show that three in ten Fairfax County students (25.9%) reported depressive symptoms within the past year, with 32.7% females and 18.8% males reporting those symptoms.  Rates of students reporting depressive symptoms increased with grade level, ranging from 20.6% of eighth grade students to 31.6% of twelfth grade students.  In 2016, nearly 14% of Fairfax County Public School students considered suicide and 5.4% reported having attempted suicide within the past year.

The Centers for Disease Control report that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in persons between the ages of 10 and 44 (2018). Depression and suicide are very closely connected.  To proactively address this issue, Robinson Secondary School is offering its annual Mental Health Wellness Screening on October 16th for all 9th grade students, October 22nd for all 7th grade students, and October 24th for all 11th grade students.  This free, voluntary screening is offered to help assess whether students may have symptoms consistent with depression.  Depression is a treatable illness, and effective treatment of depression helps to prevent suicide, as well as significant behavioral, social, and educational problems. The screening cannot provide a diagnosis of depression, but it can give an indication of whether the young person should be referred for further evaluation.  This year’s screening involves a guest speaker and a short educational video that is designed to teach self-help skills through short vignettes. After the short video, the students will be asked to complete a screening form. Based on the results of the screening form, there may be an additional private interview with one of our mental health professionals on staff.  The student will be given literature on signs of depression and suicide prevention as well as information on mental health resources in our community.  Follow-up calls to the parent of each student screened will be made if warranted.

Please feel free to call with any questions.  If you do not  want your child to participate in the depression screening, please return this form by Wednesday October 10th to the student’s counselor.


Bobbie Dillworth                                                           Christyn Levy, MSW

Robinson School Psychologist, grades 10-12            Robinson School Social Worker, grades 10-12

(703) 426-2266                                                            (703) 426-2265


Erika King                                                                    Kristen Licciardo, MSW

Robinson School Psychologist, grades 7-9                Robinson School Social Worker, grades 7-9

(703) 426-2213                                                            (703) 426-2229