High School Yearbook Distribution Information

High School Yearbook Distribution Information

The Sentry Yearbook staff is proud and happy to present this year’s publication to our student body and community. It is the result of many hours of work learning about journalistic writing, interviewing, photography, copy editing and design. The yearbook staff increased their effort to produce this yearbook during the school closure and to provide you with a quality yearbook. Please take the time to let a yearbook staff member know what a great job they have done. We hope you enjoy it!

Distribution Date: Tuesday, July 7 Time: 8am-3pm Location: Entrance 1 (Main Entrance)


  1. A walk-up line will be used to distribute yearbooks that were pre-purchased. You will not be entering the building.
  2. Arrive at school during your assigned time and put a mask on before approaching the building.
  3. Print your first and last name on a piece of paper.
  4. An FCPS staff member will direct you where to stand to pick up your yearbook.
  5. Hand the paper with your first and last name to the FCPS staff member and he/she will hand you your yearbook.
  6. Only FCPS staff are allowed in the school building.
  7. Exit the school grounds immediately after receiving your yearbook.


I can’t make it that day. Can someone else pick up my yearbook for me? Yes, BUT you must email Ms. Forte ( amforte@fcps.edu ) giving another person permission to pick up your yearbook. Include your first and last name, the name of the person picking up the book for you, and a statement that you give him/her permission to do this.

Can I purchase a yearbook on Distribution Day? We have a LIMITED number of High School yearbooks to sell. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis during distribution. Yearbooks can be purchased for $75. You must pay with a check made out to Robinson Secondary School.

I found a mistake in the book! What should I do? Smile and take a deep breath. This is a student-created publication and staffers worked their hardest to ensure the book is as accurate and error-free as possible. Please email Adrienne Forte ( amforte@fcps.edu ), yearbook adviser, with comments. She will forward them on to the editorial staff so that they can learn from the errors and do better next year.

What if I cannot pick up my yearbook on this day? Students can pick up their yearbook when school re-opens.

I missed middle school distribution day. Can I still pick it up? Yes, please come to HS distribution sometime from 8-3 and we will have your book ready. We have 8 left to sell if you would still like to purchase one by check for $45 made payable to Robinson Secondary School.